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Tattvamasitatvam written by Andhra Vyakhyatha Brahmasri Ravipati Balagurunadha Sarma Garu. He was the native of Narasaraopet, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. He was retired from Judicial Department. His wife Smt Thripura Sundari and blessed with eleven children out of that six female and five male. He was very famous in preaching pravachanams about Adi Sankara. 
Topics: Sankaravani, Adisankara, Thathvam
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by Bijibilla Rama Rao

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Sri Sainatha Sthavana Manjari was written by Daasaganu Maharaj! He is one of the disciples of Saibaba. It was written in the presence of Baba and took the blessings of Baba. Dasaganu was spreaded the messages taught by his Guru in the form of stories in Maharashtra. Sthavana Manjari was written by Dasaganu with great skills, with dedicated mind and with a view to reach majority of devotees by praying Baba in different forms at all times, in all stages, across the globe.  Saibaba Maha Samaadhi...
Topics: Sraddha, Saburi, peace, Shiridi, Saibaba, Sairam