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The latter half of Wacky Races 2017's second season had a very sporadic release schedule, and the episodes were released on the app months after they aired on TV as a result. It's a shame, because these are some of the best episodes of the show period and I'm glad to have recorded these from when they originally aired. The episodes are included in this upload in airdate order according to Wikipedia, not production order. I'm not sure if they were intended to air in a different order than they...
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Classic TV Commercials
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After learning about Muttley's double life as a secret agent, Dastardly goes on an adventure with him and another mysterious agent on a quest to stop the sinister plans of SHTICK -  a corporation with an oddly handsome bad guy in charge.  This episode only aired once on TV and the Boomerang / VRV uploads of said episode were missing the second part for some reason, so I decided to upload it here so both the people who actually worked on the episode and fans of the series can watch it. It's a...
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