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Commercials From The Vault: VHS Tapes of Commercial Breaks
by Cartoon Network

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Commercials aired during Scooby & Scrappy ("Hard Hat Scooby / Canine to Five / Sopwith Scooby"), two episodes of Alvin and the Chipmunks ("The Picture of Health / The Victrola Awards"; "Royalty Received / Gone Fishin'"), Tiny Toon Adventures ("Kon Ducki"), The What A Cartoon! Show ("The Chicken from Outer Space"; "Boid 'n' Worm"; "What's Going On Back There?!") and The New Scooby-Doo Movies ("The Mystery of Haunted...
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Kid's Shows on VHS

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Partial hour-long episode of Bugs & Daffy, then two episodes of The Flintstones from January 2000. I already uploaded the commercials from this tape to my YouTube account.  Contents: Bugs & Daffy: - Pop 'Im Pop! (partial) - Porky Pig's Feat (computer colorized, has the Merrie Melodies anthology credits at the end for no reason) - The Eager Beaver The Flintstones: - The Hero - The Surprise
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