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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by RKDO Graphics

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THANATOS 3D, Army of the Night. (C) 1998 RKDO Graphics. All rights reserved. INSTALL: Enter INSTALL to set up the Game. REQUIREMENTS: Pentium recommended. Will run on some DX2/66's (not all). Sound Blaster compatible card, 4 MB Hard disk, 4 MB RAM, A quick hand, a sharp eye, and a strong heart. Thanatos the Mad Magician seeks to Conquor us ALL!   He has raised a Hostile Army paid for and Powered     by Stolen Magic Crystals. Recover the Five Stones       of Power to Defeat him and his...
Topics: action games, shareware games, demos, vintage computer games
Software Library: MS-DOS Games

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MS-DOS game demo from 1998 where 2-4 players use stick figures, spawning platforms, and random weapons to battle each other to the death. The main draw being easy level creation by drawing simple lines that makes geometry for the characters to jump around on and hide behind. Includes BG6.raw, one of the original in-battle tracks taken from the now-defunct website. Full manual that covers the weapons, default controls, command-line options, and credits included, some of which has been placed...
Topics: action games, DOS games, vintage computer games, shareware games