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Doing science and making culture are increasingly intertwined as more and more amateur naturalists crowdsource the multi-layered experience of life on this planet. Authors of two new books  Mary Ellen Hannibal  ( Citizen Scientist: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction ) and  Ursula Heise  ( Imagining Extinction: The Cultural Meanings of Endangered Species ) illuminate the tangled, dynamic processes of thinking and doing that help us understand where we are and what we...
Topics: Citizen Science, scientist, amateur, natural selection, Darwinism, cooperation, species, habitat,...
Shaping San Francisco
- Shaping San Francisco

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Original San Francisco Digger Kent Minault was invited to Berkeley to meet someone to talk about a book on Black America... he was introduced to Huey Newton of the Black Panthers and an entirely different meeting took place instead.
Topics: Diggers, Black Panthers, free food, free breakfast program, Oakland, Berkeley, police, police...
Shaping San Francisco
- Chris Carlsson

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Roberto Lovato, who grew up on Folsom near 25th Street during the 1970s, describes how his father was involved in the "alternative economy" centered on Hunt's Donuts at 20th and Mission, and how it benefitted his extended Salvadoran families in San Francisco and in El Salvador.
Topics: Crime, Salvadoran community, Mission District