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Shaping San Francisco
by Chris Carlsson and Michael Whitson

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In April 1990, some friends toured the East, from East Berlin to Sczcezin, Poland, to Gdansk, Warsaw, and Wroclaw, and finally to Prague, Czechoslovakia. We encountered a wildcat train strike across the border in Poland which at the time seemed rather momentous, with aspiring middle-class politicians representing "Solidarnosc" pitted against the rank-and-file train workers. We rode across Poland in a cab, met anarchists and other radicals along the way, and even have a short clip of...
Topics: Anti-Economy League of San Francisco, Eastern Europe, East Berlin, Poland, Gdansk, Solidarnosc,...
Shaping San Francisco
by Chris Carlsson

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Artist Pele DeLappe describes her encounter at age 15 with Frieda Rivera (Kahlo), sitting around painting and smoking cigarettes together, while Diego Rivera was painting the San Francisco Stock Exchange mural (c. 1930)
Topics: Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Pele DeLappe