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Shaping San Francisco
by Shaping San Francisco

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Summer 2014 campaign video to gain long-term sustainers to support the ongoing work of Shaping San Francisco, a vital public utility (though seldom recognized as such) that provides a living archive of San Francisco, and by the project's very existence, holds down an important niche in the local cultural ecology of the City. Walking and Bicycle history tours, Public Talks both live and archived online, and the ever-expanding archive at are irreplaceable treasures of San Francisco's...
Topics: history, politics, ecology, tours, bicycles, walking, fundraising, support, sustainers, 3% Solution
Shaping San Francisco - Audio Recordings
by Shaping San Francisco

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As San Francisco emerged as the hub of counterculture pilgrimage routes in the late-1960s, radical politics and social change galvanized design ideals in Berkeley. The East Bay became the site of bold experiments in graphic arts, environmental activism, handcraft pedagogy, and self-build technologies. Fast forward to 2011 and the creation of the local hub PLACE for Sustainable Living in Oakland, a center linking our radical past to the resilient future, as it fosters many of the same ideals. ...
Topics: architecture, design, ecology, emergence, integration, holism, urban nature, geodesic domes, Sym...