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Shaping San Francisco - Audio Recordings

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Felicia Elizondo Flames recounts her experiences in the Tenderloin when trans women erupted on a late August night in 1966 and rebuked police harassment with an epic mini-riot at Compton’s Cafeteria at Turk and Taylor. The audience joins the conversation to help illuminate the long path over the decades to today’s high profile trans activism, still beset by obstacles and conflict within the gay community as well as the larger surrounding culture.
Topics: Trans, gay, LGBTQI, Trans women, hair fairy, jota, queer, lesbian, Tenderloin, 1960s
Shaping San Francisco - Audio Recordings
by Shaping San Francisco

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The Maritime Museum at Aquatic Park recently underwent extensive renovation, bringing to public view murals and sculptures from the WPA that have long been hidden and overlooked. Other beautiful artworks grace public buildings throughout the East Bay and San Francisco, including Coit Tower, and on Treasure Island, where Maritime Museum artists went on to create work for the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939. Join  Richard Everett  (Maritime Museum),  Anne Schnoebelen  (Treasure...
Topics: New Deal, art, architecture, WPA, PWA, murals, Diego Rivera, SF Arts Association, San Francisco Art...