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Shaping San Francisco
by Shaping San Francisco

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San Francisco native (b. 1945) and resident Darrell Rogers remembers the early Willie Brown when he was an attorney at Scott and Sutter, and details the attitudes of the black community towards one of "its" most illustrious and well-known leaders, up to and including the enormous disillusionment he left behind.
Topics: Willie Brown, corruption, black San Francisco, African American, Fillmore, Hunter's Point, Bayview,...
Shaping San Francisco

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San Francisco native Darrell Rogers (b. 1945 in the Fillmore) describes the civil disobedience he participated in with 18 other young men in 1970 when the SF Police Department tried to impose a new mandatory ID card on all black males between 16-25 years old, ostensibly to help their investigation into the mysterious Zebra killings.
Topics: Zebra killers, apartheid, ID cards, African American, black San Francisco, 1970, SF Police...