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Shaping San Francisco
Oct 11, 2018 Shaping San Francisco

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Missing Pieces: Remembering Elements of a Gone City Geographer  Dick Walker  looks at the formative politics of the region in his new book,  Pictures of a Gone City: Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area , and takes us through the overheated bubbles and spectacular crashes, inequality, and delusion of the current moment.  Arthur O’Donnell  has methodically documented parts of the City slated for demolition or redevelopment from 2010–2018 in his  Bound to...
Topics: San Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, demolition, rebuilding, redevelopment, construction,...
Shaping San Francisco
Sep 14, 2009 Shaping San Francisco

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Peter Berg, an original San Francisco Digger, describes how their ubiquitous poster image called "1% Free" came to be, detailing the origin of the photo, the soruce of 1% in the Hells Angels at the time, and the production and distribution of the poster itself.
Topics: Diggers, Peter Berg, 1% Free, Free, Hells Angels, Chinatown, Arnold Genthe