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Shaping San Francisco
by Shaping San Francisco

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John Knox, Executive Director of the Earth Island Institute in Berkeley, has been a resident of Noe Valley since the early 1970s. Here he describes some early community activism he was involved in and some of the old-timers he ran up against, as well as a funny anecdote about an awards ceremony with Mayor Moscone in City Hall.
Topics: Noe Valley, neighborhood association, community organizing, solar homes, 1970s solar energy,...
Shaping San Francisco - Audio Recordings
by Shaping San Francisco

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The (in)famous satirical news coverage by Wes "Scoop" Nisker on KSAN-FM radio in the mid-1970s was issued on an LP in 1977 and this is Side B... B1 I'm A Turkey, Not A Ford B2 Tantric Boogie B3 Kissinger My Brezhnev B4 Natural Calamities and Unnatural Acts B5 The Double-Breasted Sutra B6 The Apocalyptic Bicentennial Conspiracy Show B6 Kundalini Cowboy Lead Vocals –  Phil Marsh (2)
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Topics: Gerald Ford, 1970s, Henry Kissinger, Cold War, comedy, satire, Scoop Nisker, Last News Show, oil...