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It's another tape from MTV. Yes!!!!! And this includes: -My So-Called Life! (look at Jared Leto's hair!!!) -A bunch of old advertisements! Wacky! -Some of that movie Where The Day Takes You! With a bunch of people!! -2Pac!!! That's it. Only one hour is included because I recorded this at 7 pm on a Sunday and didn't feel like sitting through the entire 6 hours. Maybe I'll record the rest someday? Also, I got a capture card. No more DVDs! And to add to that, this tape is not in the best...
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Instructional and Educational VHS Tapes
Jan 19, 2021 Stargazer Productions

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An instructional video on how to use your new homebrew machine. Too bad it's 26 years old, and since said homebrew machine is nowhere to be found, this information is useless. Plus, I'm not even old enough to drink.
Topics: beer, homebrew, vhs
VHS-Taped News, Reporting and Coverage
Nov 2, 2020 Channel 2 WCBS / Fox 5 WNYW

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Uploading this partly to flex my new 300 Mbps upload speeds. As the title says, a short, old recording of some local New York news stations. Anyway, due to technical sucking, I can only get a good copy from a VLC recording. This was recorded on the same DVD as the Woodstock 94 transfer , and since I couldn't separate them, the mpeg file is the best I can get. It's still interlaced at least.
Topics: news, vhs, fox 5, channel 2, old shit
The VHS Vault Inbox
Sep 4, 2020 Polygram

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As the title says. To be exact, 1 hour 15 minutes 33 seconds of it. Recorded at SP speed (swag) with mono sound. Includes about 3 seconds of "Harold Of The Rocks" by Primus, the encore, about half of Nine Inch Nails' set, and everything in between. P.S. The DVD I recorded on simply didn't see any files in file explorer, so I had to use IsoBuster to get any video at all. I tried to get VOB files but I couldn't. The ISO still plays fine in VLC though. This is classified as software...
Topics: woodstock, vhs, old as fuck, primus, nine inch nails, nin, woodstock 94
Community Video
Aug 12, 2020 TVFilthyFrank

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Full-quality 1080p versions of the TVFilthyFrank Cake Trilogy. Vomit Cake was taken down on 11/7/2019, and Hair Cake + Human Cake were taken down on 8/10/2020. May Chin-Chin rest their souls. Original upload dates: Vomit Cake - July 10 2015 Hair Cake - November 13 2015 Human Cake - August 3 2016
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Community Video
Jul 12, 2020 National Geographic

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An old tape about the Titanic. I accidentally recorded about 40 seconds of blue at the end of the tape.
Topics: titanic, natgeo, national geographic
It Was Once Music Television
May 3, 2020 MTV

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A recording of Long Island MTV, recorded in the third or fourth week of September, 1993. Recorded at EP speed with mono audio. Transferred about an hour ago with a Sony SLV-D350P VCR/DVD combo for playback and a Toshiba D-R410 DVD recorder for recording. Enjoy the laughably horrible commercials. Video cuts in from a different recording (which you can watch here ,) which is why the first video is incomplete.        Index of content (bold is a music video, underline is anything else that...
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dustyrx Favorites
Apr 13, 2020

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dustyrx Favorites
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