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Film Noir

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The Bribe is a 1949 American FILM NOlR directed by Robert Z. Leonard and written by Marguerite Roberts, based on a story written by Frederick Nebel. The drama features Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Charles Laughton and Vincent Price.   You can find out more about this movie from Wikipedia .  
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Film Noir

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Conspirator is a 1949 American-British FILM NOlR espionage film directed by Victor Saville and starring Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Thora Hird and Honor Blackman. It was based on the 1948 novel Conspirator by Humphrey Slater.   The film created some controversy over the age difference between Robert Taylor, who was in his late 30s, and Elizabeth Taylor, who was only 16 at the time of production.   You can find out more about this movie from Wikipedia .  
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