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Information Please was an American radio quiz show, which ran from 1938 to 1951.  For more details, please see: The regular moderator was Clifton Fadiman of the New Yorker magazine. The three regular panelists were Franklin P. Adams (known as FPA) and John Kieran, who appeared every week, and Oscar Levant, who appeared biweekly for most of the run.  The fourth chair was filled by a different panelist each week.  There would occasionally be a...
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My Word! was a BBC radio quiz program, which aired from 1956-1988.  In the first half of each program, four panelists (always two men, two women) were asked questions about word definitions, origins and derivations, or the source of literary quotations, by the host.  In the second half, the two male panelists, Frank Muir and Denis Norden, were given a quotation each.  Muir and Norden then made up a comic story, ending with some twisted version (usually involving puns) of the quote.  (The...
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