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On this 2008 episode of Bingo America with Richard Karn, today's contenders are Alexandra and John. These two players will be building on a bank and building to the word, BINGO. The first person to do that twice will go to the bonus round for a chance at $100,000. Can the big money be won today? (c) 2008 Glassman Media. This episode is uploaded for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No challenge of copyright ownership is implied or intended
Topics: Bingo America, 2008, game show, Richard Karn, Diane Mendoza, $100000 win
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On this April 24th, 2003 episode of Wheel of Fortune with Pat Sajak and Vanna White, it's Chicago Week and today's three players are Byron, Amy and Anita. Byron is a commercial manager and choir director from Inglewood, CA, Amy is a hotel waitress from Old Hickory, TN, and Anita is a music teacher from Savannah, GA. If you wanted reasons to watch this episode of Wheel of Fortune, here's one: it's a great episode not to miss! Who will go to play for up to $100,000 today? (c) 2003 Califon...
Topics: Wheel of Fortune, game show, Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Chicago Week, Byron Pope, $100 000 win,...