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プレイステーション クソゲー番付 (PlayStation Kusoge Banzuke) is a collection of all “kusoge” games. Kusoge (クソゲー)is a blend between the Japanese terms for game - “ ge ” (short for “gemu”) and " kuso " - the word for, well, let’s say feces. It refers to crappy games that are so bad, they are entertaining again and form a genre of their own. The opposite would be Kamige , which means godly or divine game. This upload includes both the original...
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As of Monday, August 10th, all the manuals currently available from Project EGG games. Sorry for the lack of proper labeling, but there was really no good way to get the names for every single one of these. Also sorry for any low quality, as I obviously didn't scan these myself. The zip file contains all the manuals I'm aware of as of the initial upload date, any manuals added afterwards are in the folder named post initial upload manuals.
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Redump dump of the following disc: . Ignore the link name for this page, my bad with that one.
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Redump dump of
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