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Feature Films
by Bruce Hurwit

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WARNING: THIS MOVIE SUCKS! Plot: Part live-action, part animated story about a boy who, after an awful amusement park accident, gets a brain transplant, which allows him to see cartoon characters in real life.
Topics: Fred Willard, Jill Taley, Tom Kenney, Ellen Greene, Paul Reubens, live action, animation, 2000a,...
Feature Films
by Lloyd A. Simandl

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FOR ADULTS ONLY! 18+ WARNING: DEPICTIONS OF TORTURE    AKA THE FINAL VICTIM A woman must go undercover to break up a sex trafficking ring. Thing get complicated when she fall for a handsome investigator, but must act the part of a lesbian.
Topics: adults only, 18+, erotica, bdsm, canada, czech republic, 2000s, 2003, sexploitation
Feature Films
by Roman Hernandez Cordova

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El jefe de una familia humilde, decide irse con sus hijos en busca de mejores oportunidades. La ambición de este hombre, lo llevará a trabajar para un poderoso narcotraficante sin imaginar las dolorosas y fatales consecuencias de su errada decisión.
Topics: Mario Almada, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Roberto Ballesteros, Alfredo Guiterrez, Alfredo Guiterrez "El...