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This is russian bootleg translation of pc game Iron Man. This translation was made GSC Game World specially for bootleg company "Эликтан" and "Triada". Finally we have information who was After year 2005 all bootleggers in Russia had finance problems. So quality of translations became pretty low. Triada didn't want had bad reputation. So in 2005 they made second low quality brand where bad translations were published About...
Topics: Iron Man, Sega, bootleg, bootleg translation, Jump, Marvel, PC Game
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This is bootleg translation of "Aero Elite: Combat Academy" for ps2. Bootleg publisher is Kudos. Translator team is Bomband. Yep, yet again Kudos stole other's translation. Translation is dub and sub. Dub's quality is very good. There are two actors, who clearly worked at television. And dub's translation is also great. Subs have the same translation. Overall it is great translation. Recommended for everyone 
Topics: Aero Elite, Combat Academy, Elite, Aero, russian, bootleg, Kudos