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It is the almost full collection of all known Russian translations of the game "007 - The World Is Not Enough". There is only one bootleg edition that was not included in this collection. You can see its scans in files marked as !!!wanted!!!, if you own it please do share. It was on the internet, but now it is lost. Like many other ps1 games, this game was not officially translated. But it was translated by our pirates. 1) First translation was made by Koteuz and released by some...
Topics: The world is not enough, 007, bond, james bond, world, enough, is, not, bootleg, translation,...
It is a full collection of all russian translations, which were made for a PSX version of the game 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the rescue. This game was only once officially translated, and it was pc version of this game. Console versions never got an official russian release. 1) The first translation was made by Koteuz and published by some anonim pirates. Text is fully translated and all video cutscenes were dubbed. And this is a hilariously bad translation. If you try to connect all...
Topics: Bootleg, Puppes, rescue, dalmatians, Koteuz, Kudos, Vector, Paradox, Red Station, PlayZero, Golden...
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It is a collection of Russian translations, which were made for the PSX game "007 Racing".  The first translation was made by an unknown translator team specially for the bootleg company "Vector". The translation is almost full. All videos were dubbed and the text was fully translated. The translation of the text is pretty mediocre. There is plenty of semantical and grammatical mistakes. The dub is also mediocre at best. It has many semantical mistakes and what is more, the...
Topics: 007, Racing, Bond, James, James Bond, unofficial, translation, Vector, RGR, Paradox