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This is bootleg translation of "50 Cent: Bulletproof " for playstation 2. Bootleg publisher is Vector. Translator team is unknown. In russian community there are still debats who is translator team. Some people think that it is bomband, which is more obvious, becouse bomband was Vector's studio. Some think that translator is Alex Lee. Translation is text only. Overall translation of text is pretty good. 
Topics: 50 cent, bulletproof, russian, bootleg, Vector
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This is bootleg translation of "50 Cent: Bulletproof". Translator team is Devil Soft. Bootleg publisher is Kudos. Yep, yet again Kudos stole other's translation. Translation is dub and text. All animated cutscenes are dubbed. All ingame's and menu's text are translated. Dub's translation is pretty good. There are some minor semantic errors in dub. Dub itself is typical voice over. Translation of text is pretty poor, which is typical for Devil Soft. Overall it is okey bootleg...
Topics: bulletproof, 50 cent, russian, bootleg