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This is bootleg translation of "187 Ride Or Die" for playstation 2. This game was never offic ialy translated to russian language. But our pirates translated it. Translation team is unknown, but this translation was published by two russian bootleg companies. It was published by Megera and Kudos. So I added two scans. First is Megera's, and second is Kudos's. Translation is ok. Didn't play it much, so can't say good this translation or not. 
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This is bootleg translation of '187 - Ride or Die' for playstation 2. Translation is text and sub only.  Bootleg publisher is Vector. Translator team is Norg. Translation is sub and text only. It is second known translation of this game. Translation of sub is mediocre. But translation of ingame text actually is very good. Overall, it is good text translation.
Topics: 187, Ride Or Die, bootleg, Ride, Die, Vector