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This os bootleg translation of "Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings". Bootleg publisher is Vector. Translator is Alex Lee, probably. There are two translations of this game for ps2 and both were made by the same person. Translation is text only. text has some minor semantical and grammatical errors. Overall, it is okay translation.
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CD-ROM Software Library
by Konami

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This is russian bootleg translation of "7 Blades" for playstation 2. This game was never officialy translated to russian language. But our pirates translated it. Bootleg publisher is Megera. Translator team is NORG. Megera never cooperated with NORG. This time Megera simply stole Vector's dvd with NORG translation. It also hide the fact, that translation was made by NORG, megera renamed NORG's specific copy protection to "_". You see, if you oppen original NORG dvd in...
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