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This is russian bootleg translation of "Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of Twonkies" for playstation 2 made by Vector, anonimly. Translator team is unknown. This game was never officially translated to russian language. But our pirates translated it. Translation is dub/text. All animated cutscenes are dubbed. And text is fully translated. Quality of text translation is pretty poor. There is plenty of  semantic errors in subs. Sometimes there are missing letters in text...
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This is russian bootleg translation of a game "Adventures of Jimmy Neutron - Jet Fusion". This game was never officially released in Russian langauge. But our pirates tranlslated it. Translator team is probalbly GSC(GSC Game world). Bootleg publisher is Kudos, anonimly. Translation is sub and dub (аnimated cutscenes are dubbed(the first and last cutscene)).  DVD's covers are lost. Translation itself is ok, by bootleg standarts. It is typical draft translation. There are some minor...
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