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by Disney Interactive Studios

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This is russian bootleg translation of game Meet the Robinsons. Originally this translation was made by NORG for playstation 2 version of this game specially for bootleg company "Vector". Later NORG ported this translation to pc version of this game, specially for bootleg company "Эликтан". And even more later this translation was republished by another bootleg company "Медиа-Лайн". About translation. Translation is ingame text and subtitles only....
Topics: Meet the Robinsons, Robinsons, Disney, bootleg, russian bootleg, Медиа-Лайн
Interview with Aleksei Mihalev which was made in 1992. Aleksey Mihalev was a professional simultaneous interpreter who knows perfectly Iranian and English language. He gained fame as unofficial translator of movies. Even during his life he was claimed as a genius of translation. This interview with him was made in 1992, 2 years before his death. Aleksey Mihalev died in 8 December of 1994. In 2005 there in premium "Blockbuster" was created prize with his name, which is given for best...
Topics: Михалев, translation, interview