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Animation & Cartoons
Apr 14, 2021 Justin Roiland

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Another strange cartoon from the mind of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Honestly just watch it because my words won't do it justice.
Topics: Animation, Dan Harmon, Channel 101, Acceptable.TV
Animation & Cartoons
Mar 7, 2021 Hanna-Barbera

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The debut cartoon of Yogi Bear that appeared on The Huckleberry Hound Show in 1958. The character became so popular that he received his own show in 1961. 
Topics: Yogi Bear, Animation, Huckleberry Hound, 1950s
Animation & Cartoons
Mar 3, 2021 Justin Roiland

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All eight episodes of Mr Sprinkles, a strange and disturbing cartoon series from Acceptable.TV and created by Justin Roiland. He would later co-create Rick and Morty and it doesn't take much time watching to see his fingerprints all over it.
Topics: Animation, Channel 101, Dan Harmon, Acceptable.TV, VH1