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Animation & Cartoons
by Rankin/Bass Productions

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When a town learns that Santa Claus has struck it off his delivery schedule due to an insulting letter, a way must be found to change his mind.
Topics: Animation, Christmas, Santa Claus, Clement Clarke Moore, 1970s
Animation & Cartoons
by Nelvana

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When a young female mouse makes a deal with the devil to become a rock star and learns the price, her boyfriend has to help her avoid damnation.
Topics: Animation, Stephen Vincent Benet, Halloween, CBC, John Sebastian, 1970s
Music, Arts & Culture
by Hayao Miyazaki, Joe Hisaishi

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The closing song to the anime film My Neighbor Totoro.
Topics: Studio Ghibli, Anime, Azumi Inoue, 1980s
Animation & Cartoons
by Toei Animation

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A young boy meets the famous Lemuel Gulliver, who has just built a rocket ship that will take him exploring outer space. The boy joins him, and the two of them go to the Star of Hope, where they find a civilization that is threatened by evil robots.
Topics: Anime, Animation, Jonathan Swift, Science Fiction, 1960s, Hayao Miyazaki