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Animation & Cartoons
Jul 14, 2022 Rankin/Bass Productions

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Rather than adapt a later or create a new Oz story, this production has Dorothy still in posession of the shoes, and she clings to an apple tree during a tornado which takes her back to Oz. The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion (using the names created for the nearly-abstract television series, Tales of the Wizard of Oz, from which this was derived) have had their MGM gifts destroyed by the restored Wicked Witch, and the four proceed to the Wizard for help, who is ineffectual as usual.
Topics: Animation, L. Frank Baum, Oz (Imaginary place), Fantasy, 1960s
Animation & Cartoons
Feb 25, 2022 Toei Animation

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A young boy meets the famous Lemuel Gulliver, who has just built a rocket ship that will take him exploring outer space. The boy joins him, and the two of them go to the Star of Hope, where they find a civilization that is threatened by evil robots.
Topics: Anime, Animation, Jonathan Swift, Science Fiction, 1960s, Hayao Miyazaki