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Made for the home market in Germany during WWII, this silent film "German warships break through the Channel" shows the "Channel Dash" operation of the Kriegsmarine in 1942. The film begins with images of Brest harbor, as German ships plan a breakout thru the Dover Strait. At :35 Admiral Erich Raeder is seen addressing crew prior to the start of the operation. At :49 a map shows the strategic situation with ships leaving Brest. At 1:05 an E-boat or torpedo boat escorts the...
Topic: German propaganda film.
by German Newsreel

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This German propaganda movie was part of a U.S. Navy archive compiled during WWII, and acquired by Periscope Film. This film celebrates the German U-boats, and especially the sinking of the British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous by submarine-launched torpedo. Adolf Hitler is seen decorating a U-boat crew. Featured submarines: Type IX (9) U-boats U-38 and U-37.
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Topic: German World War II (WWII) Propaganda film.