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Shot by an American tourist who visited London in 1936, these silent 16mm home movies provide fascinating views of the great city on the verge of WWII.  Likely shot during a holiday, based on the lack of traffic, the film begins with images of Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column, and then show the London Bridge Wharf (1:00) and views of the Thames (1:20). The Tower of London is seen at (2:39), and the Tower Bridge at (3:30). The Plynth is seen at (4:25) and St. James Palace at (4:40)....
Topics: 1936, London, England, Trip, 16mm, Home Movies, WWII, Stock Footage
Shot by a U.S. serviceman, this 16mm silent home movie shows rare footage of Taiwan and likely dates to 1948 or 1949. At the time, Taiwan had just emerged from an era where it was a Japanese colony for fifty years (1895-1945). A new era was beginning with the dramatic finale to the Chinese Civil War, with Chiang Kai-Shek's nationalist forces retreating to the island after their defeat on the mainland. The footage in the film provides a rare look at the immediate postwar era in Taiwan, with the...
Topics: 1948, Taipei, Taiwan, 16mm, Home Movies, Republic Of China, Stock Footage
This silent, 16mm home movie was shot by American serviceman in Japan during the era of the Occupation (1945-1952). It shows footage of what we believe to be the town of Zushi, which has now grown to be a city-sized beach resort. Zushi is located in the Kanagawa prefecture,  straight across the peninsula from Yokohama and Yokosuka and across the bay from Mount Fuji.  The film ends with some New Year shots of Kamakura and the Japanese young women dressed for the Coming-of-Age Day. 0:06 –...
Topics: 16mm Home Movie, Japan, Zushi, Kanagawa, Province, Kamakura, Stock Footage, PeriscopeFilm

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"Everything You Ever Wanted in a 16mm Projector" is an RCA promotional film made for the RCA 1600, probably in the mid-1960s.   Yes, everything . . . brilliant pictures, superb sound, simple operation, smooth, safe film handling, instant performance, good looks, light weight, ruggedness — even an automatic threader that never touches the film ! (And if you Ve never wanted an automatic threader the 1600 provides for that as well, because its uniquely safe threader is uniquely...
Topics: RCA, 16mm, 16mm Projector, Pomotion Film
Shot in the mid-1950s, this silent film shows a trip to the U.K.   From what we can tell it includes a visit to London, England and Coleraine in Northern Ireland. Please add comments to the video if you recognize locations in it.   Highlights include:   00:42 -- small neighborhood "Star Theater" movie theater showing "A Blueprint for Murder", a 1953 film.   00:48 -- snowfall in a quiet neighborhood 1:02 -- couple walking along a pond 1:13 - busy streets of what might be...
Topics: 1950s, London, Northern Ireland, 16mm, Amateur Home Movies, Stock Footage
This silent 16mm home movie takes viewers on a picturesque tour through Blue Ridge Parkway which is a National Parkway and All-American road noted for its scenery which this film focuses primarily on. It is the US’s longest linear parkway running through Virginia and North Carolina. It runs mainly along the spine of the Blue Ridge mountain chain. A map points to the Parkway’s location (:30). Trees with changing autumn leaves and shrubbery of the area are shown (2:30). Trail’s Cabin is...
Topics: 1950s, 16mm, Home Movies, North Carolina, Blue Ridge Parkway, Stock Footage