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This black & white film "Carrier Operations at Sea" details the life of the crew aboard a fleet aircraft carrier operating in the Pacific during WWII in 1944. Includes footage of aircraft operations including Grumman TBM Avengers, Curtiss Helldivers and Hellcats, maintenance, take-offs and landings, and the mundane side of crew life. For whatever reason the aircraft carrier shown in the film has its identifying number painted over. It appears to be an Essex-class fleet carrier,...
Topic: U.S. Navy recruiting film.
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This fascinating travelogue was made in 1934, in the era when China was in the grip of the Imperial nations. America operated its own fleet of warships in Chinese waters, to protect American interests, especially the tankers belonging to Standard Oil. Shown in the film are various U.S. Navy warships and gunboats, and although none are identified by name the USS Augusta (CA-31), flagship for the Asiatic fleet, is clearly visible. Canton and Shanghai are cities visited during the course of the...
Topic: U.S. Navy Recruiting Film