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This film V FOR VIGILANTE is a promotional piece made by North American Aviation to promote the “super sonic rifle”, the Navy's A3J fighter plane known as the A3J Vigilante ( 1:14 ). At the time the aircraft was being used as a nuclear weapon delivery platform. According to the film, the plane "contains some of the most advanced electronic equipment created by science" ( 1:42 ). The pilot and navigator could fly this plane over thousands of miles ( 1:56 ). Unlike missiles or...
Topics: Stock Footage, High Deffinition
Made in 1943, ROAD TO BERLIN was released as Official War Film #8. This industrial incentive film examines the logistical and tactical gauntlet that supplies sent to the European Theater faced to reach the front, including the German U-boat wolfpacks which at the time were exacting a heavy toll on convoys. The film opens with a wolf pack of submarines meeting northwest of the coast of Britain ( 1:00 ). American, Dutch and British ships are under torpedo attack ( 1:24 ). The Army Transportation...
Topics: Stock Footage, High Deffinition