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by U.S. War Department

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Although this film was made by the War Department, the fingerprints of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) are all over it. In thirty minutes, the film details the background of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy, and attempts to assess the character and make-up of its footsoldiers and leadership. The movie discusses the feudal origins of Japan, and the rise of the Samurai, contextualizing modern Japan's militarism with its earlier history. The history of Japan's imperial conquests is also...
Topic: Army training film.

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Dating to 1949, this U.S. Army film "Camouflage Principles" provides an overview about how to effectively conceal equipment and field positions from enemy observation including by air. Main title (:11-:18). Shots of an analyst reviewing new aerial photos of an enemy encampment, and circling a likely target (:30). Aircraft makes a bomb attack on the position, but misses the soldiers and Bofors type anti-aircraft gun concealed by foliage. The troops camouflage a Sherman tank. They then...
Topics: US Army Training Film, Camouflage Principles, Aerial Observation, Stock Footage, Periscope Film