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 This film is from British Transport Films which was set up in 1949 and made documentary films on British transport. This particular film is one of their travelogues which was meant to celebrate the quiet unchanging image of rural Britain. The narrator of this film is Stephen Murray (:28) and it opens with a map pointing to the heart of England where the narrator was born (:47). A span of the countryside catches a tractor at work on a farm (1:08) as winter was ending and leading into spring....
Topics: Heart, England, 1954, British Transport, Travelogue, Cotswalds, Stratford, Stock Footage, Periscope...

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“The District of Columbia” was the very first episode in the 1940s motion picture series created by Carl Dudley Productions, “The Screen Book of Knowledge  -- This Land Of Ours”.  It dates to 1945 and presents a travelogue view of historic buildings, monuments, architecture and transportation in and around that nation's capitol Washington, D.C. A boy opens the “Screen Book of Knowledge” (0:07). Opening credits (0:10). Slow zoom on a color-coded map of the United States into a star...
Topics: 1945, Washington DC, Travelogue, Educational FIlm, US Capitol, National Mall, Stock Footage