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“The District of Columbia” was the very first episode in the 1940s motion picture series created by Carl Dudley Productions, “The Screen Book of Knowledge  -- This Land Of Ours”.  It dates to 1945 and presents a travelogue view of historic buildings, monuments, architecture and transportation in and around that nation's capitol Washington, D.C. A boy opens the “Screen Book of Knowledge” (0:07). Opening credits (0:10). Slow zoom on a color-coded map of the United States into a star...
Topics: 1945, Washington DC, Travelogue, Educational FIlm, US Capitol, National Mall, Stock Footage

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Created in 1980 by the United Steel Workers of America, "Faces of a Union" features some of the 1.4 million Americans who were union members. The film includes images of American and Canadian factories and production, as well as striking workers on the picket line (1:17) demanding their rights. At 1:26 workers clock into a Kaiser Aluminum plant. At 2:16 new union members learn about their membership rights and put on unions pins. At 2:35 historic footage of workers are shown. At 2:45...
Topics: Union, 1980s, United Steel, Workers History, Promotional Film, Stock Footage