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1943 German Newsreel

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This German propaganda movie was part of a U.S. Navy archive compiled during WWII, and acquired by Periscope Film. This film celebrates the German U-boats, and especially the sinking of the British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous by submarine-launched torpedo. Adolf Hitler is seen decorating a U-boat crew. Featured submarines: Type IX (9) U-boats U-38 and U-37.
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Topic: German World War II (WWII) Propaganda film.

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Made for the home market in Germany during WWII, this short silent newsreel shows wartime activities "From Murmansk to Africa". At the start of the film, bombs are loaded on Luftwaffe Stukas and bomber aircraft tasked with the mission of bombing Allied convoys headed for Murmansk. At 1:00 bombs fall onto the port of Murmansk. At 1:18 the Caucus Front line is shown with German artillery firing against Russian lines. At 2:00 German troops with inflatable assault boats prepare to cross a...
Topics: 1942, Africa, German Newsreel, Murmansk, WWII, World War 2
Here are two WWII U.S. Army Air Forces recruiting films. The first "Survival of the Fittest" is about how physical training is important for survival in combat. This is copyrighted 1944. The second, "Sustineo Atlas" is about the elite the Officers Candidate School. It dates to 1943. Opening titles: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST (:06-:31). An U.S. Army Air Force officer who survived for weeks in the jungle receives a medal. Another officer receives a medal. He is seen walking...
Topics: WWII, US Army Air Force, Basic Training, Recruiting Film, Stock Footage, Periscope Film