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One of the U.S. Navy's industrial incentive films, the Life and Death of the USS Hornet traces the valiant career of CV-8. Footage includes the launching of the Doolittle Raider B-25s on their mission to strike Tokyo in 1942, including White House reaction by President Roosevelt that the planes came from "Shangri-La." Also on this film, is footage of the ill-fated Torpedo 8 Squadron which was sacrificed at the Battle of Midway. The carrier USS Hornet was sunk during the Battle of...
Topic: U.S. Navy propaganda film.

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This German newsreel was sold for the home market to civilians who wanted to track the progress of WWII. This particular film celebrates the German U-boats, and especially the sinking of the British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous by submarine-launched torpedo on 17 September 1939.  Footage of the crew and Captain Otto Schuhart of the U-29, which sunk the ship, being congratulated by the fleet and Adolf HItler at the port of Wilhelmshaven at 2:19.  The commander of the German submarine force,...
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Topic: German World War II (WWII) Propaganda film.