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Yankee Do: A Story of Sea Power is a 1960s Navy film promoting the new nuclear USS Enterprise and giving viewers a look at life aboard the Navy’s attack carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. Most of the film is filmed aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1962 during a cruise to and through the Mediterranean that included NATO exercise assignments, which provides the context for the film’s story: A Scottish NATO Exchange Officer is spending a year with the U.S. 6th Fleet. The film opens with...
Topics: 1960, Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, Yankee Do, US Navy

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In this episode of Air Force Now, the Air Force’s monthly news film produced during the 1980s, viewers see the work being done by the 307th Civil Engineering Squadron, a recruiting clip for being stationed in Europe, and the “Portrait in Blue” featuring Lt. Col. Clyde East. The first segment of the episode, “Patriot Horse,” shows the 307th Civil Engineering Squadron at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas during a training operation. Members of the unit back trucks up into transport planes,...
Topics: Air Force Now, 1960, USAF, Europe, Civil Engineering Squad, Stock Footage, Periscope Film