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Videogame Footage
by Mindscape

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All Smacker Video files from the Russian version of the 1997 video game LEGO Island (Russian: Остров LEGO), sorted by the .SI Interleave files they were contained in. 26 total (17 unique, 9 duplicates), available in both web-playable MP4 and the original Smacker Video format. The .SMK videos can be viewed or converted with Smacker's RAD Video Tools . For some reason Credits.smk was not translated, leaving the file identical to the English version. Available in Danish , English , French ,...
Topics: LEGO, LEGO Island, Остров LEGO, Mindscape, Noviy Disk, Новый Диск, animation, FMV,...
Computer Game Manuals
by Новый Диск; Mindscape

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Russian instruction manual for the 1997 video game LEGO Island (Russian: Остров LEGO), developed by Mindscape and published in Russia by Noviy Disk (Новый Диск). This is a heavily edited version of LEGO Island: A Totally Wacky But Very Helpful Instruction Manual , removing most of the comics and expanding on the text parts instead.
Topics: LEGO, LEGO games, LEGO Island, PC games, Windows games, Windows 95 games, Computer games, Vintage...