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Community Images
by Simeon Hankins

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Photographs of a prototype LEGO minifigure of the character Chief from the 1999 video game and toy line LEGO Rock Raiders . The character was designed by Simeon Hankins from Artworld UK. This minifigure was planned to be packaged with the LEGO Rock Raiders video game in 1999, though this did not happen. A slightly different Chief minifigure ended up being released in the Mini Heroes Collection set "Rock Raiders #1" (set #3347) in 2000; this version had a light grey helmet, light green...
Topics: LEGO, LEGO Rock Raiders, Rock Raiders, minifigures, Data Design Interactive, Artworld UK,...
Community Images
by James Malloch

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A collection of images and animations from the development of the 2001 video game LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (as well as a few from its 2002 sequel Island Xtreme Stunts ). The files are from James Malloch, who worked at Silicon Dreams Studio during the game's development and created the artwork in this collection. The ZIP archive contains 73 images and 5 videos, totalling 13,827,698 bytes. To view the videos online, see here . Mirrored from Rock Raiders United, where it was uploaded...
Topics: LEGO, LEGO Island 2, Silicon Dreams Studio, artwork, concept art, prototype, unreleased, beta, game...