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LEGO Bits N' Bricks
Jun 3, 2022 The LEGO Group; Brian Crecente; Ethan Vincent

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Transcript for Bits N' Bricks Season 5 Episode 47: The Rise of BrickLink. Mirrored from 25 years of LEGO Games on the LEGO website. As the LEGO Group retires the fan version of LEGO® Digital Designer and transitions to official support of BrickLink Studio, we examine the history of both digital brick designers and how their histories came together. Featuring Tormod Askildsen, Tim Courtney, Tue Jakobsen, Junam Kim, Servan Keondjian, and Eliska Jezkova.
Topics: LEGO, podcast, podcasts, LEGO podcasts, LEGO games, 25th anniversary, documentary, leisure, video...