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Educational Films
by Garfield, James B. Follow my leader

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Based on the book of the same title by James B. Garfield
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Topics: Guide dogs, Blind, Children's films
Educational Films
by Steig, William, 1907-2003. Abel's island; Lucerne Media

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1 reel (28 min.) : 16 mm
Topics: Children's films, Animated films, Mice -- Fiction
Educational Films
by Houston, Kathleen; Smith, Sandy McCall; Churchill Films

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Title from data sheet
Topics: Tales, Children's films, Animated films, Folklore
Educational Films
by McLeod, Christopher; Lewis, Robert; Coyote, Peter; Bullfrog Films

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Title on container: Downwind downstream
Topics: Mineral industries, Acid rain, Urbanization, Water, Mountain ecology, Environmental health
Educational Films
by Blegvad, Erik

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The traditional story of the three little pigs building their houses of straw, sticks and bricks, and the big bad wolf who comes to huff and puff them all down." Based on: The Three Little pigs with illustrations by Erik Blegvad Preschool and kindergarten
Topics: Tales, fairy tales,, Children's films, Folklore, Pigs