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by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises

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Crazylegs Crane was a dimwitted bird whose troubles stemmed from his own self-inflicted blundering. His lack of common sense was a perpetual source of shame and mortification to his son Crane Jr. The two made their home in a swamp, where Crazylegs spent a good deal of time pursuing a potential meal known as Dragonfly - a fire breathing dragonfly fond of singing and rhyming. Although Crazylegs and Dragonfly were natural adversaries, on occasion they teamed up as friends. Crazylegs Crane began as...
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Animation & Cartoons
by Ruby-Spears Productions, Inc.

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The opening title narration is provided by John Stephenson, for each episode consists of the following: Every 400 years, a baby werewolf is born into the Fangsworth family, and so when the moon shined on little Sherman Fangsworth, he changed to Fangface, the werewolf! Only the sun can change him back to normal, and so little Fangs grew up and teamed up with three daring teenagers - Kim, Biff and Puggsy and together they find danger, excitement and adventure! Who can save the day? Who can wrong...
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