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A compilation album of songs by Nepali artist Nepathya and 1974 AD.
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A compilation of songs from the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army.
Topics: Giải Phóng Miền Nam, music, album, Vietcong, Vietnam, Vietnamese music, patriotic music,...
Songs Included In Audio Jukebox Are:- 1. Jomsomai Bazar Ma.....00:00 ➤Singer - Nepathya ➤Music - Rakchha Gurung ➤Lyrics - Rakchha Gurung 2. Udayo Relaile.....03:51 ➤Singer - Nepathya/Amrit Gurung ➤Music - Bharat Deurali ➤Lyrics - Deurali Pariwar 3. Resham.....09:04 ➤Singer - Nepathya/Amrit Gurung ➤Music - Durga Bahadur Thapa ➤Lyrics - Durga Bahadur Thapa 4. Gandaki Ko Tiraima.....13:54 ➤Singer - Nepathya ➤Music - Nabin Gurung ➤Lyrics - Nabin Gurung 5. Yo...
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