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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> good morning, i'm morgan radford. and these are some of the stories we're following at this hour. >> and i don't believe that my former colleagues in the united states senate and the house will turn their backs on all of our interests. >> secretary of state john kerry says the case for military action in syria lies in the evidence of chemical warfare. two years after the beings tsunami,ing radiation reaches new levels. >> egyptian president mohammed morsi will stand trial for the 2007 deaths of seven people.
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and flames are now 45% contained as firefighters battle on the edge of yosemite national park. and breaking news right now out of afghanistan, where taliban fighters have launched an attack near a u.s. military base in afghanistan. that is right near the pakistan border. the blast sparked a gun fight and sparked, jennifer glass is in kabul and joins us with the latest. jennifer is there any word of fatalities? >> we -- nato says they have incurred no fatalities, that is ooh ang operating base with afghan forces on it. a district spokesman says he
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sees bodies on it, a little over four hours ago now and there was a firefight with nato gun ships engaging the fighters. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. >> now jennifer there were initial reports of this gun fight soon after this attack. is that still ongoing? >> no, we understand that it is over. what happened was the taliban apparently attached magnetic bombs to vehicles that appears to be a staging area. the taliban also claim that tens of vehicles were destroyed. of course u.s. forcesser withdrawing from afghanistan. half of the 68,000 troops that are currently in the country will leave by february. so does too most of their military equipment. and we understand that what was destroyed in this attack were armored vehicles loaded on the back of trucks to be taken out
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via truck. those are mine fields that have heavy equipment to detect mines as well as armored vehicles. tens of vehicles on the attack ton base. debt maded the explosions and then their fighters been in and attacked, tried attack the base. they were engaged with gun fire both from the ground as well as from the air. nato helicopter gun ships now, no u.s. fatalities in this. >> thank you, jennifer glass live from averages. secretary of state john kerry says the evidence lies in the chemical warfare, used the chemical gas serin, the worst attack in 25 years and in five
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different interviews on sunday, kerry says it is already excelling against syria. will be working in the week ahead to convince congress to respond. al jazeera's paul beban reports. >> president obama asks congress to approve military action against syria. secretary of state john kerry took the lead. >> the president clearly had sufficient case presented to the american people, that assad had engaged in an outrageous crime against humanity and it was vital to take steps. but i think the president realized consultations with the congress that people wanted to weigh in. and he believed after thinking about it that the united states of america is much stronger when we act in concert. >> secretary kerry made the
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rounds on the sunday morning shows, that the move was a sign of weakness. >> important development that in the last 24 hours we have learned through samples provided to the united states that have been now tested from first responders in east dmask being s damascus that this case is building and this case will build. i don't believe that my former colleagues in the united states senate and house will turn their backs on all of our interests. >> some lawmakers such as kentuckying senator rand paul. >> less likely or more likely that chemical weapons will be used again if we bomb assad. i'll ask him if it was more
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likely or less likely that we'll have more refugees in jordan or that israel will suffer attack. i think bad actions are more possible if we get involved. >> a clear strategy and end game. >> we should not be sending service men and women into military combat if they do not have complete confidence that the america's leadership is behind them. >> worry more when the president's chairman of the jopt chiefs, doesn't matter when we strike. that's not a military action then that's a symbolic action. >> congress may be on summer recess until september 9th but the congressional debate that the president called for appears well in place. >> the arab league is condemning syria for its use of chemical weapons. saudi arabia said it would
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support a u.s. strike if the syrian people did. now that president obama has asked congress to authorize punitive strikes on syria the administration is rallying to being achieving approval from congress. good morning professor how are you? >> good how are you? >> i'm well sir. it's clear obama wants to launch this strike but does he have any real political cover from congress or international community? >> that's exactly what he's trying to get right now. the british vote, the vote in british parliament that did not endorse military action by the united kingdom is certainly a bluff and now what he's attempting to do is to use this time between now and the end of the congressional recess to add that support. additional lobbying is taking place in the arab league foreign
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ministers meeting that there are other countries right now france turkey that do support the american endeavor, and now the attention in the united states is turning to congress, where it looks like the senate is already a done-deal. the house of representatives might be a bit of a problem. i just have to say as an american citizen i'm sort of like very grateful that the president of the united states decided to obey article 1 section 8 of the united states constitution whereby it is up to congress to declare war. >> now professional galvan you mentioned lobbying. can the u.s. claim that a potential strike is about protecting u.s. interests? >> well, we're doing this in a number of ways. if you read the protocol for the -- senate action what we'll see is that we're talking about proliferation. we are talking about syrian
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warfare. syria is signatory by the geneva conference. bound by the stipulation that chemical weapons should not be used. unfortunately there is a bit of disagreement as to whether this also applies to internal use and what the united states is attempting to do right now ask to push through as much as possible the evidence that syria has violated its obligation under this treaty. one of the more interesting aspects of this of course is the fact that the united states has very little legal leg to stand on when it comes to intervening. after all the security council of the united nations is not going odo that because russia and china will not grant the united states the right to do that. therefore, the united states is going in without united nations backing. >> thank you very much, professor galvan thank you very
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much for joining us this morning. former egyptian president mohammed morsi will stand trial. morsi is accused of inciting violence, are 14 other members of the muslim brotherhood are to be tried beside him. morsi has been kept out of the public eye since being pushed out by the military on july 3rd. firefighters are fighting the fire outside of yosemite and say they are making progress. a fleet of aircraft is dropping water and retardant chemicals to stop the fire from spreading. so far it's burned out of 350 square miles in the two weeks it's been burning. are. we are looking at some
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dessert rating conditions on the tropical northeast. let me show you a map right now and show you what we can expect to see over the next couple of hours. notice all the rain coming over the great lakes building in over parts of new england as well. that is going to be a problem we expect to see quite a bit of rain showers over the area, flash flooding in many of the states earlier. this is what the forecast is over the next several hours. heavy green is potentially there, back down here toward parts of pennsylvania as well. if you are on the roads you may want to take care there as well. boston 78° new york a nice day at 85 of course the rain there too, washington a steamy day, lots of humidity at 93° there. once we get past tuesday doesn't look bad. tuesday partly cloudy and 79. that's going ostay all the way through end of the week.
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down towards the south we saw very heavy showers and thunderstorms pushing across north carolina. atlanta you saw rain too and part of eastern florida. as we go through the rest of the day and tomorrow, louisiana not looking too bad for you your temperatures look like this. new orleans at 90 but very, very warm out here towards west with houston at 97°. atlanta thunderstorms today and tomorrow as well but as we go through the end of the week a high temperature of 87. then very quickly dry conditions to northern parts of texas. we are going osee rain showers just across the border states but san antonio we do expect to see killer conditions with temperature of 97. it was damaged by a massive earthquake in 2011. now damage from a leaking nuclear powerpoint will take
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clean up. nelson mandela has spent months in the hospital from a lung infection.
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>> a team of south korean officials are in north korea discussing the reopening of an industrial complex run by both governments. the monday morning meeting was the first since the facility was shut down in april. over heightened tensions. pyongyang shut it down aft international complaints over north korea's nuclear missile tests. mexican president enrico pena nieto's plan to eliminate the
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government's monopoly on oil and gas exploration. the change would let private companies to use mexico's oil and gas reserves. the president says it will help increase production since the state doesn't have the cialtion facility to explore oil and water. tanya page reports from outside the mandela residents. >> knellson mandela has moved to the comfort of his own home after nearly three months in hospital. but he is still in a critical condition and at times his health is unstable. so an ambulance is on stand by just in case he deteriorates as has to be rushed back to hospital. but he's receiving the best care possible. part of his johannenesburg home
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has been turned 52 care. >> we do not interfere with those decisions at all. and they have decided that they have reconfigured the house so he could receive care just as he would receive in hospital. >> the news has been welcomed by many here. >> you know when you are around people that really love and people that really care you can find of feel the attachment and positive feeling is flowing. >> if he will recover he will recover, if the time comes the time comes. >> after all, i believe that we still need our hero alive. >> mandela celebrated his 90th birthday last month defying the odds and proving yet again his
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resim yens. after 27 years in prison wanting reconciliation not revenge. mandela's grandson says the family is celebrating his return home. they say they have been deeply touched by the outpouring of prayers and messages from all over the world. the move home may allow the family a little more privacy but it will also reignite the intense level of interest in the health of a man who is still gravelgravely ill. mandela has not played any role in public life for over a decade but he is this country's moral compass. despite his fragile health, south africans derive strength knowing he is still with them. >> mandela's problems has been caused in part by the conditions
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he achieved while a prisoner. time day of the electric zoo festival. deaths are believed to be due to drug use. four other people also became critically ill at the concert. legendary broadcasting sir david frost has died. he was 74 years old. his family released a statement saying he died of a heart attack while on a cruise ship. froffrost gained international recognition in the '70s. >> hello, welcome to frost over the world. >> by the time david frost appeared on the screen at al jazeera, he had become a true global star. a man whom celebrities royal readers and the rest actually wanted to be interviewed by even
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though they knew it would be uncomfortable. >> pretty much it has become a disaster. >> he was as comfortable by hamit karzai as well assist bell arlende. >> no ego at all amazing because of the amount of people he dealt with on a daily basis, people he knew by first name terms. top people in the world, statesmen, celebrities, he knew them all yet just an ordinary guy really a very nice man. >> david cameron said my heart goes out to karena and the family. intelligence warmth in equal measure. he made a huge impact on television and politics. there were many other brilliant interviews he could be and certainly was with me both afriend and a fearsome
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interviewer. frost broke through in the u.s. with what mr. cameron alluded to his most famous interview that of richard nixon when the american president admitted he had betrayed his people. that interview exposed part of frost's genius, getting people to reveal themselves. >> he didn't want to he was awkward with people, that clumsiness probably closed him off from what knowing what the public were think. >> prime minister thank you very much very much indeed. >> david frost is unique in television, an entertainer known on both sides of the atlantic. anyone who was anyone, would have been flattered to have the
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frost interview. lawrence lee, al jazeera london.
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>> gorge, i'm morgan radford and these are some of the stories we're following at this hour. secretary of state john kerry says the case against the syrian government is growing stronger by the day. kerry told several sunday talk shows, the government should not allow assad to gas people with impunity. but the the syrian president says the united states lacks authority that the government was involved. former egyptian president mohammed morsi will stand trial. 14 other members of the muslim brotherhood are to be tried alongside him. no trial date has been set. japan's nuclear regulators are concerning releasing water,
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18 times higher than previously reported. that's enough to kill a person within hours. the new leak was also discovered at the facility over the weekend and the plant was heavily damaged after an earthquake an tsunami in march of 2011. ford is recalling almost 400,000 cars because of a problem with its power steering. the 2005-2011 cars include the crown victoria, mercury grand mar quis and lincoln town car. owners are encouraged to go to their dealers for repairs. justice ruth bader ginsberg became the first supreme court justice to officiate the same sex marriage. at a ceremony at the kennedy center for performing arts. kaiser is a president of the kennedy center and close friend of ginsburg.
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in june she voted for the ruling and the defense of marriage ak. detroit account largest city in the u.s. to declare bankruptcy. now the motor city is getting help from the group hostile new york. serving as an ambassador to those who want to see another side to the troubled city. >> amidst the decay a local organization called hostile detroit is working to change public perception and show tourists a great time. >> the mission of hostile detroit is to make sure that travelers coming the detroit have a cheap affordable place to stay and allow to see detroit the way detroiters see it. the. >> the chief l, rks art architect music and the hid be gems of the motor city. but as the largest city in the
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country to declare bankruptcy it takes special locals to show visitors the bright side. the hostel has welcomed over 200 visitors since 2011. revived by several local artists, the heidelburg process, a youth project covering two blocks what was once rubble and a city park along the detroit river. >> our goal with the program and the hostel is to change people's minds about detroit one person at a time. >> and they're message has traveled halfway around the world attracting travelers from austria to australia. they provide you with a lot of
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information on how to discover the city on your own. >> it was like being with a friend, driving around, showing us places and stuff. >> showcasing street art and other bright spots of culture around town. the ambassadors hope to leave a better impression than that of a dying city. >> we really, really have the opportunity to take a lot of the positive things that are happening and really create a super-wonderful and vibrant city that's even more wonderful and vibrant than it already is and we're right at the edge of that moment. >> despite bankruptcy bad headlines and pictures of decay, hostile detroit is determined to do its part in reclaiming part of place. al jazeera detroit. >> now the group may have its work cut out for it. one of the highest numbers in
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years. as it celebrates its second anniversary he may have a reputation as a tough guy but russian president flad vladimir putin shows he has a soft spot for animals, shook hands with a walrus and introduction rare specious, putin says he likes to pose with animals to promote wiesme --wildlife conservation. secretary of state john kerry says the case against syria is growing with each day. egypt out offed president mohammed morsi wil willstand trl
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for the deaths of seven protestors. i'm morgan radford, you can see us again at 7:00 eastern.


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