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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> welcome to al jazeera i'll del wawrts. these are hour. the japanese government promising more action on that leaking nuclear power plant. and west indian labor day parade in new york. >> today president obama tries to rally congressional support for a strike on syria. he'll be meeting with key senators including john mccain, who has long pushed
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the president to take a much stronger stance. tomorrow seactd joh secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel will speak to the senate. paul beban is in washington. he joins us with the very latest. paul, do you get a sense that the senate will play ball with the president on syria? >> that remains an sop question, and that's why senators like senator mccain are so important. he has been very critical of the administration's position on syria pushing for more comprehensive strategy. would be more important for him personally but also bringing other skeptical senators on board. to that effect the white house has been working the phones all day long top administration officials including secretary kerry, secretary hagel, national
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security evacuate susan rice and james clapper all on a conference call to make sure they're on board. members of the white house work both sides of the aisle for their support. >> congress returns to work next monday but i understand there are meetings that are taking place ahead of what's going to lap in the full session of coming. >> that's right. the senate foreign relations committee begins the debate for the resolution of action against syria. that is going to be live webcast so we'll be able to follow along with that. the day after they'll hold a closed secret meeting, the top of a series of meetings all going to be debating what this resolution is, what the final form of it may be. and again voicin voicing congrel skepticism for the president's plan so far. >> and paul with regards to the comments outside the beltway, are you finding that the people there, the people who are not
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part of capitol hill mirror what is being said in these polls now? >> again that's right. the polls that you mentioned, polls have shown broad american skepticism, getting involved in syria, if congressional action was not sought. the are math changes a little bit, when the question is phrased after a chemical attack but again, the american public very skeptical of any involvement in syria's civil war. >> paulson, thank you -- paul thank you very much. here are some of the latest comments coming in from around the globe. a spokesman for china's foreign minister saying, china has serious concerns for any military plans in syria. russia's foreign minister saying the evidence the u.s. supported on chemical weapons was absolutely unconvincing. in france the prime minister is
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meeting with a reluctant parliament concerning the august attacks. phillip, a lot of activity, let's start with france, what was the new evidence presented to lawmakers there? >> yeah, del an awful lot of activity on this site of the atlantic. we are stating to hear some information from out of the french parliament and that intelligence report that was shared by the french prime minister with parliamentarians. that report apparently indicates that these attacks were quote massive and coordinated, something the opposition would be unable to carry out. that apparently, the strikes came from government controlled areas, and that it was an attempt by the government to reclaim some of that territory in the outskirts of damascus. now furthermore french government officials who have
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seen this report say the use of chemical weapons poses a major threat to french and global security. so some very strong words coming out of paris. there will be a debate in the french parliament later on the week on wednesday. whether or not there will be a vote, some parliamentarians demand that they vote not just debate. french president francois hollande said he would wait not only for the french parliament to speak but for french congress. >> syrian presidential bashar al-assad saying this is premature. what else does he have to say? >> we're hearing an awful lot coming out of france in the figaro newspaper, the full extent of that interview is yet to be released.
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a wide condemnation of possible u.s. attacks in syria, but that plays right into the narrative coming out of damascus. whether or not the french people would respond to this, prima facie is too eerld to say. there is widespread reluctance in france to go into any kind of military action, in syria. so obviously this interview being released at this time to try and convey the court of public opinion in france not to get involved in syria though. >> john bittner. millions who are fleeing the war torn region, joining us by phone is sama, the director of the international program save the children she joins us from is
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oman. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> we are hearing that many of the children being displaced by this war actually crossing the border without their parents, is this true? >> yes, they're questioning where the world stance from what they are being exposed to. they hear news, you know today's war is different than any other war. they are getting news from inside syria. they're fearing for the lives of their relatives and we cannot assure you that their families are safe and sound. they ask questions that we as international organizations have no capacity to answer and we are concerned we are concerned for their emotional and psychosocial well-being and we are standing in frond of the little -- front of the little eyes of the little kids quite unable to answer the questions. >> it seems so simple but at a time when millions of americans are heading back to school what about these children? are there schools in these
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camps? >> well, in camps there are schools. but children do not trust that this promises them any butter future. the concern is that -- better future. the concern is that any kind of mobilization, they'll have a better future, they ask questions beyond our ability to answer. we are stuck an international organization trying to provide immediate support for those refugees. i don't think we're in a position to answer big questions asked by little kids. where do we go from here. how can going to school promise us a better future? when will we be going back home? what will be waiting for us? we have no answers for these kids. i have been in this business for 22 years and i was confronted by answer he i couldn't answer by a six-year-old last week in the camp. we really ask the world, how is it to answer the little children's questions. >> we are also hearing reports
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tragically that some of these children thash flooding to these camps are being used as labor. can you confirm those reports? it appears that we have lost -- >> hello? >> yes i was wondering if you can confirm reports that the children are being used as labor. is that true? >> not necessarily, only in the camp, as well in host communities. when these ref you a geeless former livelihoods or incomes, they have to engage in different you know coping mechanisms most of which are not very positive. and because it's pretty much anecdotal we don't have any data to provide. but we're pretty much in trouble here. i mean we know that households, for households to be open they need to be provided for. and it's usually children who can escape legalities and for
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formalities and we can confirm that children are being engaged in child labor. >> she is the director of the international program "safe thee children". stay tuned by taliban insurgent, at least three of the attackers are said to be dead. nato helicopters joining the fight. jennifer glass has more from kabul. >> taliban fighters planted bombs in vehicles near the border crossing with pakistan. explosions destroy dozens of vehicles and mark the start of a firefight between the fighters and u.s. and afghan forces supported by nato forces. >> the enemy of our country has settle fire of the base run by security forces. the attack was in two difference
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locations. the vehicles there were set on fire. three attackers were resisting near the base. all three of them are killed. >> the armored cars and mine sweepers are part of the $30 billion of equipment withdrawn as u.s. forces leave afghanistan. there are no u.s. or afghan casualties. marks an increase in taliban assault across afghanistan. in the past week sore so security forces and civilians have been killed. second attack on a nato base in less than a week. on wednesday, taliban forces dead -- deb detonated a bomb. in the same province on sunday the bodies of seven afghan army soldiers were discovered their hands bound with chains. local officials say the taliban captured them on the highway then shot them to death.
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jennifer glass, al jazeera kabul. >> japan's government says it will take a more direct role in the cleanup of the fukushima nuclear power plant. al jazeera's florence louie is in tokyo. >> japan's nuclear regulation authority says there's no evidence that there are any new leaks at the fukushima nuclear plants. the radiation readings were higher over the weekend than compared to two weeks ago because tepc observing that's the company in charge of the power plant used more sophisticated medicines. the machines they're using up to now can read up to 10,000 milicevits perfection hour. more direct approach in handling this crisis. >> we have decided to take charge of the issue. not just to leaving it to tepco
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and use the budget to strengthen the system. we will deal this so as not to repeat such an incident. >> now the prime minister shinzo abbe is set to chair another meeting on tuesday. it is thought that there will be more information on tuesday. very immediate problem of how to store the contaminated water at the plant. the chairman of the nuclear regulation authority has even reiterated that they may have no choice but to discharge some of this water into the ocean but they will make sure that whatever water is discharged meets the regulatory thresholds. >> there were concerns of the egypt backed military, ngo nongovernmental organization, they registered as an ngo in order to gain legal status since
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president mohammed morsi was deposed in early july most of the muslim brotherhood has been arrested. 14 members of the muslim brotherhood are going to stand trial as well as president morsi for inciting violence. so far no one has claimed spoblg for injury. the latest of our coverage of nsa whistle blower edward snowden. releasing information on sunday he says snowden's documents show the u.s. was watching the mexican president enrique penna nieto's e-mails even before he was elected. hundreds dancing to the beat of the caribbean festival here in new york. going to take you to the sights and sounds when we come back. and a crisis in kenya that is hurting the fishing industry. stay with us.
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>> had welcome back to al jazeera i'm del walters in new
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york. more than a million are gathering in brooklyn for the sights and sounds of the west indian parade. a tradition, people are traveling to the area to represent their heritage and caribbean culture. it includes floods and cost tumtion and lots and costumes and lots and lots of music. 37% of businesses will be open for business. largers businesses will require some of their workers to clock in on labor day. more than half of the employers in sectors like health care, government and social services will also require that some of their workers coming in today, so treat them well. kenya's once thriving fishing industry is literally suffocating. an aggressive water weed is killing lots of them. mohammed ado mass more from kenya. >> for the last 20 years, moses
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has been fishing. he says once fishing was a lucrative business but not anymore. he and fishermen have been returning with less fish. >> pollution and the weed have made the lake shallow. the fish has migrated to places we can't reach. most of the fish we catch are either too small or sick, like this one. >> this is the weed that has dramatically reduced the fisher man's catch. while the once sandy shores of lake victoria are, the water hyacinth has taken over. destroying fish breeding grounds. lake vick yah provides a life line for millions of people who live on or near its shores but it has almost choked and become solid with the weed and that has a disastrous effect on the people who depend on it. controlling the weed has a priority for kenya.
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on the kenyan shores of the lake, has taken the initiative to memberly clear the lake of the weed. using this conveyor, the weed is cut and pulled out of the water. it is a laborious and frustrating task, the it gets flashed straight back into the water. >> not a cure. we are making sure that the fishermen who are majorly affected in this region for them at least there is an avenue for them, they can go into the water and go fishing rather than going pretty far away. >> for some though, the weed has been a blessing. a carpenter makes furniture out of dried branches from the hyacinth. >> my system, they can eat well, they can rest well. >> for the authorities, though,
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total removal of the hyacinth is not negotiable. introducinintroducing beetles as to the lake is knot negotiable. on the shores of lake victoria. pps. >> verizon is now close to being the sole owner of verizon wireless. the phone giant reportedly near a zeal to buy out its partner k vodafone. full control over verizon wireless would enable verizon to upgrade its network. has been trying to fend off at&t and other providers that observe cheaper plans. high frequency trading that
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is where computers make super-fast deals without human controls. today italy has become a second european nation to pay without taxes. 0.2, on taxes that are done in a second or less. new labor secretary thomas perez is praising the fast food workers who strike for higher wages. he says those who saying higher wages will or less jobs have a poor choice. workers are calling for pay of $15 an hour. and here's a good labor day story: the chairman of computer maker lenovo is sharing his bonus with employees. he says he will divvy up the $3.25 million bonus with is some 10,000 workers in 19 different
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countries, mostly in china. that turns out to about $300 a worker. lenovo is best known for buying ibm's personal computer business. swimmer diana nyad getting closer to a goal she has chased for years. the weather is going to cool down immensely. i'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. wouldn't believe there is a farm inside of it.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm del walters. president obama is now scheduling to meet with key republican leaders in the next hour. he is trying to rally congress to approve a strike on syria. the president warned today of a wider regional war if there is a strike, that is the president of syria speaking. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on a base in eastern afghanistan. nate oh vehicles there were set on fire and a key supply route was shut down. three attackers were killed. atlantic city is welcoming
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the labor day crowd. the city is gambling it can bounce back. south korea is giving more than $6 million of humanitarian aid to north korea. discussed the reopening of an industrial complex that is run by both governments. the monday morning meeting was the first since the facility was shut down in april over heightened tensions there. pyongyang where yo withdrew 530r there after north korea nuclear test. long distance swimmer diana nyad has nearly reached the coast of florida. trying to become the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a cage. without using any cage wet seut suit or flippers, by the way this is the closest she has ever been. at 64 she says she wants to proof that it is -- prove that
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it is never too late to chase your dreams. and you are looking at you can see where she is as she closes in on key west. storms causing flash flooding in las vegas on sunday. officials there say dozens of residents and drivers were stranded. many homes and businesses were damaged as well. flash flood watches were in effect for southern parts of nevada and utah on sunday but notion but hot humid and sticky here. leer is stillly loughman. >> strong storm getting ready to move across new york city, delays at newark, la guardia and
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jfk. be careful if you are traveling there along the new york state threw way. showers and thunderstorms. a lot of instability in the atmosphere that's the reason why the heating of the day really reaches its peak, that's when the storms pop, heavy over new england. heavy rain along i-95, particularly in maine, use precaution if you are traveling there. northern texas it was scorchy yesterday but cooling down. temps in the upper noise but that's an improvement, we were up to 104° in dallas right now looking at scattered showers. this area definitely needs the rain. as we continue to track into the greater south central plains, in chihuahua, 90° in oklahoma city, 90° definitely an improvement from yesterday, as del told you about the rain in las vegas yesterday, luckily the threat is further to the north.
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few light showers but the heaviest of the rain will certainly being a lot further to the north. now i want to show you a video coming out of japan. yesterday there was a horrible tornado that crossed just 30 miles to the tokyo, injuring 60 people in the area, leveling buildings, it was a horrible storm, usually at this time of the year tornadoes are not common in the region. forecasters do believe that the area will continue to see strong winds through the next several days. i'm going to send it back to you now del. >> thank you very much. there is this, one person town of bufort wyoming is reopening as a coffee distribution club. a vietnam ee knees bought the tn for a coffee distribution hub. he will use the site to ship
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vietnamese coffee across the u.s. we continue to track diana nyad as she makes that trip from cuba to key west florida. that is, a web site that tracks per progress online. she is trying to do so without a wet suit, cage or flippers. this is her fifth attempt trying to do so. you're looking live right now at what soon will be a celebration. she is expected to reach the shores of key west, florida sometime around 2:00. all of us here at al jazeera continue to track her movements as her movements are also being tracked across the u.s. sometimes they say why do you do it, in her case she is 64 years old and she does it simply because she wants to point out that it is never too late to chase your dreams. and it's never too alate to be up on all the news. check us out at
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talk al jazeera is next. i'll del walters in new york, we'll see you then.


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