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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> good morning. this is aljazeera america. these are some of the stories we're following. president obama breaking bread in russia but the plead dinner conversation was all about possible military action in syria. here at home, mr. obama is calling on the pentagon to expand potential forget in syria while making long distance calls to congress asking for approval for the use of force. >> according to stolen intelligence documents, the n.s.a. has captured encryption codes giving it access to any on line secrets. >> three finalists will learn
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who will host the 2020 games. ♪ theme >> the g-20 summit in russia is supposed to be all about the global economy, but the war in syria has been the topic on everyone's list. president obama joined other world leaders for an official group photo. they sometimes calm it the class photo. mr. obama has tried to rally international support for a strike against the assad regime. it's unclear if the efforts have worked. the u.s. is drawing up plans for an attack. today, there's word those plans are becoming bigger and broader. the white house is asking the pentagon to come up with a bigger list of potential target. new strategies being developed to carry out an attack. it calls for air strikes by u.s. and french war planes, as well
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as cruise missiles launched from ships. the white house insists there is no scenario requiring american forces on the ground. it appears iran may try to retaliate. the u.s. intercepted and order that calls for an attack on baghdad if the u.s. moves forward with strikes on syria. despite an intense lobbying effort by the white house, it is unclear how the house and senate will vote. authorizing a strike will be form ally submitted to the senate today. president obama was alone walking in and may have felt alone in other ways. the event is said to be dominated by a debate over syria, much like the rest of the summit. our white house correspondent is live with the latest. mike. >> you're right, the dinner last
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night ran several hours late. there was a fireworks show afterwards, but under the festivities, it doesn't look good for the president to draw consensus for get more countries onboard behind his plan on syria. he made his case. he's winning few converts. over the course of the last 24-48 hours. the au, pope, india, brazil all backing the host here in the g20, putin. the president has been working behind the scenes. his aides calling members of congress throughout the week. even while on the road, the president has called five senators since he left washington. here's what we have to say about the president's activities thus far. >> after days of acrimony, they are face-to-face outside st. petersburg palace.
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the two men disagree over syria, an issue that has consumed t coe senate. mr. obama faces outright opposition from some members of congress to putin. pope francis weighed in calling the military solution futile. president obama is making his case to the japanese prime minister. >> i look forward to having an extensive conversation about the situation in syria. i think our joint recognition that the use of chemical weapons in syria is not only a tragedy, but also a violation of international law that must be addressed. >> u.n. secretary here with his special envoy to syria is lobbying leaders for more time. >> there is only political solution, which can bring peace and end this blood shed right now. >> on putin's side, leaders of
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emerging economies and china joining russia in blocking action against syria at the u.n. while not quite going it alone, president obama faces opposition looking for support, making a hard sell even harder. >> this morning, we're told by senior administration on this question of how much all this might cost, he says the dollar amount can be dealt with within the existing pentagon budget. on this question, the report that you talked about in the new york times about this new plan, this expanded scope possibly of a military action which would involve french and american bombers, the senior administration officials say that's overstated. he doesn't deny that the president has asked for more options, richelle. >> so much of the talking has been about the president spending his time at the g-20, trying to enlist other world leaders to his position. i'm sure that a lot of world leaders went to the g-20 thinking they could get the president to change his mind, as
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well. >> well, that's true. in particular, the u.n. secretary general has brought his special envoy here. you know, this is supposed to be about the world economy, and many of the countries here particularly from some of those emerging nations, argentina and india are very concerned about economic issues, about what the federal reserve is going to do, whether they're going to ease or taper off their program that's been in effect for almost two years now. that was on the forefront of the agenda and that is the principle impetus behind their objections to what the president is proposing, they hurt it would hurt the worldwide economy, essentially. >> great reporting. i know the president's going to be having a press conference later on today. john kerry is working to gather support, traveling to lithuania. afterwards he will go to paris
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and london to talk with leaders. i will also talk with palestinian president. in congress, the authorization measure is being submitted today. what does that mean, what happens next? give us the lay of the land for today. >> well, good morning, certainly it's quieter here after this flurry of activity. the senate bill will move through a little procedural vote today. it will be expected to come up for a full vote on wednesday, that's 9/11, but not a lot of activity. there's another classified briefing this afternoon for members of the house and senate, and of course the president coming back into town late tonight. anticipation for what he might do next to keep the ball moving forward in the house and senate, where it's still up in the air, very much as to whether his efforts will move forward. >> we were reporting this morning that the president is making calls from the g20
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personally to lawmakers, trying to lobby them. any word yet on how effective that has been? >> well, we certainly heard from a number of senators on both sides yesterday, coming out of the key senate intelligence committee, saying that they still had question about the president's plan, the tactics, the end game. while they may be making the calls, it's not clear if they're actually moving the needle. certainly the president and the rest of the officials at the top of the administration have a lot of work left to do. >> it certainly does seem that way. paul, you will be with us throughout the day as this continuion to make its way through congress. >> it could be another week before u.s. inspectors release their findings of the alleged chemical attack in syria. they are only trying to determine if there was a chemical weapons attack, not who carried it out. at least one expert in the u.s. believe chemical weapons were used, but said they were delivered in a new way.
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james bays has the story. >> exactly what happened on the outskirts of damascus on august 21 is still deeply disputed. western intelligence agencies are convinced yard that the assad regime carried out the worst chemical attack for decades, but samples collected by u.n. inspectors are still being analyzed in laboratories in europe. that's why a new report by two weapons experts in the u.s. could be of import. >> this is the remnants of a much larger container. it doesn't contain five or 10 pounds of sarin, but contains 100 pounds of sarin. >> one of the authors works at the prestigious massachusetts institute of technology. after examining detailed photos from the scene, he believes this was a new design of rocket, carrying much more of the deadly sarin than other experts have suggested. >> they're looking for a russian warhead or whatever, and this is
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not, this is a an indigenously designed warhead, cleverly thought out and very effective and very deadly. >> it carries much more of the sarin than you would have expected. >> yes. >> how much? >> probably between 10 and 20 times more than people were thinking. >> that's why it killed so many people. >> probably that's the reason. >> there will be people who say that you've not analyzed any of the actual samples themselves, this is an assessment from afar, rather than scientific proof. >> the evidence is very clear. we have carcasses on the ground that have small craters next to them, which would have been created by the small amount of explosives used to disperse the chemicals. we have sheets of metal that have torch off essential core, so i am very confident that we understand. >> the professor doesn't have the evidence to say which side
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carried out the attack, but in his judgment, the rocket was so sophisticated, it was almost certainly made in a well equipped area and makes the assad reemthe main suspect. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when a member of congress is asked to vote on military action, that's never an easy decision to make. i would imagine it's probably one of the hardest in their careers. having said that, what are some of the things that they have to take into consideration, particularly let's be honest, particularly when there's an election coming up. >> absolutely. we've been watching reels and reels of footage.
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those looking for support es use of force are frankly being berated. asking to give a show of hands at a town hall for authorization, nobody raise the their hands. 60% of americans do not support military intervention in syria, still looking ahead to the 2014 elections, there are certainly high political implications for all these members voting on the strikes. >> there is a scenario where the president gets the support of congress and just barely, right, and then he acts, there is a scenario where he does not get the support and perhaps still acts. what does that mean for the last few years of his term? >> there is a very big concern here. i believe some of the administration as well as some on the hill that if lawmakers do not approve action in syria and the president were to go forward, go on with some kind of
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strike, some kind of military interaction, it sends a very brave signal to the international community about the president's act without the representation of the people behind him. it sets the stage for the conflict in the last two years of his term. he does not have the burden of running for reelection, but certainly could make certain conflicts that he in gauges in later difficult and set a precedent gag forward for his international policy. >> you talked about how so many lawmakers are being really berated by their constituents who want to make it known how they feel. how is that affecting how the votes are or perhaps how speaker boehner is not nudging too many people. >> we all understand that voting to engage in any kind of military action isn't easy. i do think that the heavy
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pressure and the fact that you're dealing with a nation that is very weary after the conflict in iraq and iran, there is concern that the leadership says this is a difficult choice, but a choice that has to be made. top leaders have said that it's the right thing to do to come forward, consult with congress and have this vote. they are anxious to see how this plays out in the days ahead. >> very much so. thank you very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> with the g20 summit wrapping up, we'll be hearing from two presidents, russian president plans to hold a news conference in st. petersburg a little less than an hour from now at 8:00 eastern and president obama at about 9:50 eastern time. we will cover both for you here. keep it here for continuing coverage on the crisis in syria. you can also stay up to date, also on our website, >> a suspected u.s. drone strike in pakistan killed at least six.
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pakistanian intelligence officials say two missiles at a compound are believed to be a base of operation is. the u.s. government considers the group one of the most dangerous fighting forces in afghanistan. the nag security agency to beat the encryption designed to give privacy to everything you do on line. >> the u.s. cyber spy agency has cracked many of the codes that are meant to keep sensitive internet communications private. according to no documents released by former national security agency contractor edward snowden, the nsa has invested billions of dollars in custom designed super fast computers to break encrypted communications, including banking transactions, consumer e commerce, trade secrets, medical
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records and other ostensibly confidential information. the documents also show the agency secretly persuaded or legally forced technology companies to provide it with the keys to their encryption programs so that they could decode billions of emails, internet chats and phone calls in the u.s. and across the world. in a 2010 briefing memo for n.s.a.'s counterpart, the government's headquarters or gchq, they boasted of a multi-pronged effort to break widely used encryption saying that vast amounts of data that was previously ignored is now being exploited. the british agency reported it had developed what it called access opportunities to google's encrypted traffic. there are over 400 millions users of g mail. other companies targeted by code
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breakers include yahoo, facebook and microsoft's hotmail. the documents collected by edward snowden have been shared with "the new york times," the guardian. the revelations coincide with a new poll relates showing half of americans are worried about the information available about them on line. seven out of 10 that believe laws and government policies are inadequate to protect their private data. >> the snowden revelations about the n.s.a., i think that's focused a lot of attention on this, and i think that the poll shows concern. >> code breaking abilities are a trump card in geopolitical rivalries with russia, china and other countries. in the future, one document states, super powers will be made or broken based on the strength of their crypt-an
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littic programs. >> we may finally know what caused the massive rim wildfire. a hunter let an illegal fire get out of control. so far, no one has been charged with the crime. the fire began an august 17 and quickly destroyed more than 370 square miles of forest and over 100 structures. the fire is now 80% contained. >> we are talking temperatures in the 30's and 40's across new england. you can see in quebec city, we're at 40 degrees right now. by the end of the day, i think we'll be in the 60's and 70's, cleveland at 60. new york city, 58 right now. saturday and sunday, it's going to heat up. there's a strengthening ridge of
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high pressure ushering in a gorgeous weekend. overnight lows are going to fall back in the 60's. if you're looking for the heat, it is certainly concentrated across the north central plains. the area could use rain, but unfortunately, i think we're going to stay dry here in minneapolis down into omaha and kansas city, rapid city into denver. i think we could see showers and thunderstorms firing up. in the northwest, we have an area of low pressure, making its way on that it's going to usher in more showers and thunderstorms out there along i-five from seattle into portland. as a matter of fact, yesterday, we had some gusty thunderstorms producing hail about two inches in diameter. in addition to that, we also had torrential downpours. you are looking at footage that came in out of seattle and heavy rain did flood the streets. folks had a lot to contend with out on the roadways, looking towards the northwest, we are going to continue to see showers
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push into oregon and into the seattle area. again, if you're traveling along i-five, these storms could turn gusty, hail about two-inches in diameter in addition to the wind. you can feel the gusty winds into western portions of montana. seattle, the next several days friday into saturday, the afternoon hours will climb to 75 into the day. sunday into monday, a break from rain as that low pressure makes its way inland. plenty of sunshine on the way. >> going for the gold, three countries are till on the running to host the 2020 olympics. we'll tell you who they are and when they'll find out if they're going to get the biggest show on earth. >> wal-mart, wal-mart, you can't hide, we can see your greedy side. >> nationwide protest against the country's large evident employer. why wal-mart is calling foul on
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workers calling for higher wages. >> marijuana laws going up in smoke. es of stores will be selling marijuana to recreational users. ]
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>> on saturday, the international olympic committee will vote to decide on who will host the 2020 games. tokyo is the favorite, but although three remain optimistic despite object tackles. >> london 2012 proofed the olympics can do wonderful things for a countries reputation and pride. three cities are represented, hoping they will be chosen to host the games. >> the national stadium is getting a billion dollars upgrade. in the final lap, bid leaders have had to insist tokyo is unaffected by radiation contaminated water from the fukushima nuclear plant.
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>> istanbul has the opportunity you to take the olympics to a city where east meets west. the organizers in turkey have had scenes with protesters protesting an urban development plan. disturbances continued for days. the outsider was madrid who have unsuccessfully bid for the last two olympics. the feeling this time is that madrid has gained ground on its rivals in the last two days and there is optimism that even with the economic challenges they've faced they can use existing venues to keep costs low, such as this one, the tennis stadium considered world class. it is hoping a cup match next week. >> they want a place where they feel comfortable, where they
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know the place, where they think that the sports can be held easily, professionally, as they're supposed to be staged. that's the first thing. they want to make sure that it will be a good host for the olympic games. >> the i.o.c. members will also vote on which sports will be included and for a new president to replace the outgoing president. first, they'll oversee who gets to host the biggest show on earth in 2020. >> any development in the case of a montana teacher who was sentenced to just 30 days for raping a 14-year-old girl. after a public outcry, a district judge planned to resentence the mantid to two years, but the tate attorney general told him to cancel the hearing, because it's illegal for a judge to change his sentence. the man admitted to having sexual intercourse with the
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victim, who missed suicide in 2010. >> new rules aimed at recreational pot use include when and how people can smoke marijuana. they announced that more than 300 stores will open across the state where people can buy pot for pleasure. the use of pot was legalized in the state last december. >> wal-mart workers in more than a discern states held a protest demanding better wages and worker conditions. at least three were arrested trying to deliver a petition to a company board member. at least 100 people across 11 cities are arrested for protesting outside stores. workers say they cannot afford to live on their current pay and want a minimum pay of $25,000 a year. >> hoping to get wal-mart to do what we're asking for, raises the wages. give us affordable health care, reinstate the six or more associates that they wrongfully terminated or disciplined for standing up and speaking out. >> all but at least 100 people
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across 11 cities have been arrested for protesting outside wal-mart stores. workers say they cannot afford to live on their current pay. what they want is $25,000 a year. >> opposition fighters on the ground in syria, and those in washington asking lawmakers to get more involved in the world. >> taking a message to teens in a very unique way. >> the nfl season begins with a mile high performance as peyton manning has a record night. we'll have that story a little later in sports.
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>>. these are our top stories. the crisis in syria is overshadowing the g-20 summit, president obama seeking support from countries that are weary about war. damages information from leaker edward snowden. the nsa has cracked the code that billions of internet users rely on to protect their confidential information. tokyo, madrid, istanbul, turkey, the winner to host the 2020 olympics will be announced saturday. >> president obama posed for a group photo with other world leaders. last night, they shared a meal. syria was the main topic of their dinner conversation. john kerry is in europe, expecting to meet with foreign ministers from the european union and lithuania before
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heading to france and britain. we hear that a consensus has been reached with the e.u. fortune ministers that asued did indeed order the use of chemical weapons for the attack, the august 21 attack. tell us more about that. >> that's right. i think there's growing consensus, no official statement has come out yet. those talks are just getting started. the consensus does seem to be growing that it was the regime behind those attacks in the damascus suburb on august 21 that sparked this crisis. that, however, is not the biggest issue, perhaps in lithuania. that will be what will be the response, what is the international community going to do about it. the europeans remain reluctant to authorize or support military strike. france stands out pretty much alone on that matter within the e.u. the turks within nato are also
7:32 am
calling r. calling for action, but the europeans are very reluctant about going into this militarily. there are strong calls for a diplomatic response, some sort of pressure on the assad regime. exactly what that would be is unclear, but again, some strong divisions about what to do now that it is apparent that asued was behind those attacks. >> the british parliament obviously has ruled out any type of military intervention. that's not to say that they're not undoing anything. tell us more about that. >> britain finds itself in a very odd position here. they're still very hawkish at least with that the government for some sort of military strikes. you have foreign minister with my hague right now sitting down with the e.u. foreign ministers pressing for some sort of strong response, but the british parliament has said they won't participate in the military action.
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never theless, britain is still very much in the mix here. what they have done today is announce a major contributions to humanitarian aid. they're going to pledge around $80 million to supporting refugees, things like chemical medicine to counter act chemical attacks. this actually takes britain's contribution to the humanitarian effort to britain's largest ever contribution, around $600 million. this is a huge contribution by britain. >> that is a significant amount of money. we'll have to see what else the president and secretary kerry are able to get done with the e.u. phil, thank you so much. >> members of the syrian opposition groups are lobbying members of congress asking lawmakers to approve the use of force against syria. most u.s. americans are against intervention.
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the group is fighting an uphill battle because of that. >> syrian opposition members on their way to meet a senior staffer from the house majority whip's office. one of the many doors they're knocking on asking for u.s. military support. kevin mccarthy is the third ranking republican in the house. he is undecided whether to support president obama's plan to take action in syria. we caught up with a frustrated member of the syrian american council. >> we have some work to do to know how badly the syrian people have looked to the united states for support and the international community in general, and to oh see some kind of resistance of taking action. it's kind of tough to hear. >> the opposition meets more resistance on the hill as code pink and anti war group approaches them. code pink says syria needs a political solution, not a
7:35 am
military one. >> this situation is too complicated now. there are too many members of al-qaeda who have flooded in to join the rebel opposition. i don't want to see my country siding with al-qaeda. i thought we were fighting al-qaeda. i would say to these people, i feel your pain, but this is not the answer. >> many americans share those sentiments and are putting pressure on their representativion. >> >> there's a near uniform concern expressed about getting us involved in a conflict that could escalate. that's something i have to weigh heavily. >> coalition members thought their task would be to convince congress to approve action but are spending a lot more time just explaining who they are. they're having to distinguish themselves from al-qaeda loyalists who are attacking syrian government forces.
7:36 am
>> simply speaking, extremists are a small portion of those on the ground. they are a problem to us, as much as the assad regime is a problem to us. they are our enemies as much as the assad regime is an enemy. as much as the assad regime is a criminal, they are criminal. >> lawmakers don't want weapons falling into the wrong hands. >> we're not looking for boots on the ground. we're looking for enough help to make this a fair fight, and we believe that if it is a fair fight, that we will prevail. >> they say their goal is democracy in syria and an end to the killing of their people. aljazeera, washington. >> president obama is hard at work at the g20 summit, attempting to gain support for a strike against syria. to help us understand the possible enter nat complications, let's bring in aljazeera national security contributor.
7:37 am
j.j., good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> the pot is unsuccessful in his bid for international help, unsuccessful getting congress onboard. what does it say to the international community about the president, about congress, what would be the take away? >> well, one thing that's going to be clear is there's going to be a lot of disappointment in the u.s. if nothing happens, because the president has already indicated that he wanted to do something, but wanted to get congress to go along with him. the french took him at his word, jumped onboard early on, and then when there was this decision to go to congress for discussions and approval, there i'm told was embarrassment on the part of the french, because they had already committed and then looked essentially as if they had been premature. the situation is pretty high right now. the international community looks at the u.s., towards the u.s. to do what the u.s. says it does as a super power and that
7:38 am
is to be the one that looks out for the rights of the down trod that, and to promote democracy and dignity for all. this is one thing that the u.s. has essentially indicated it wanted to do to punish the assad regime for using chemical weapons, which it believes it used chemical weapons. this i also something that the international community is looking for the u.s. to follow through on at this point. >> action means a lot of things. it could be military strikes, humanitarian aid, it could be arming the opposition, it could be a lot of different things, but russian president putin has refused to accept u.s. evidence against syria. he doesn't want any type of action at all, right? what would be the consequences of inaction? >> well, the united states again is, you know, said that it was going to do something. the consequences of inaction for this president and for the united states at this point, it's going to be viewed at some rebels that i spoke to said they
7:39 am
viewed the west at weak and were pointing directly at the u.s. when they said this, because nothing has happened. they've been begging for help for a long time. the pentagon and national security community has been hard at work trying to deliver some type of package of aid to them. they haven't said exactly what it is. the international community and putin himself most likely will view this as another victory. the u.s. and russia aren't on good terms for a good while now, considering the edward snowden situation. the syrian crisis is another way to push back at the u.s. which has been more and more obvious as a point of interest for a good while now. it wasn't send a good message in terms of the strength of the u.s. if nothing happens. >> what are the chances to the president leaves the g20 summit completely empty-handed. >> well, not likely. you know, the french have already said that they were
7:40 am
onboard. there are others that are onboard. the question here is who is going to be the tip of the spear when it comes to some type of action against syria. make no mistake about it, something is going to happen. military action is going to happen. the president has essentially said it would. the question is who will be the tip of the spear. >> j.j., thank you so much for your insight this morning. you can always go to our website to stay up to date, >> it's going to be a quiet day across the majority of the country. we're going to see high pressure in control. it's going to be very hot across the north central plains. we do have heat advisory ins
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effect, minneapolis typically is right aren't 79, instead 89. they could reach 90 in omaha, 95 in kansas city, right at 90. we do have heat advisories in effect, so dangerous heat. if you have outdoor activities, get them done early in the morning or later at night. if you have elderly neighbors, check on them and make sure they're ok through the course of the day. it's going to be especially hot through the dakotas into portions of minnesota. in the northeast, it's a chilly start to the day. in new york city, right now we're at 58, by the end of the day expecting to climb to a high of 70. plenty of sunshine through the day with high pressure in control across the northeast. i know you like that. >> right. thanks. thick fog is to blame for a massive chain reaction crash in england. more than 100 cars were involved in a pile up on a bridge in kent. hundreds were injured, eight
7:42 am
seriously. a number of people had to be rescued from their cars. thick fog to blame. >> a southwest airlines passenger jet took off from houston with its cargo door wide open. southwest said an indicator light came on right after take off. the captain turned around and landed. no one was hurt, but the airline did a maintenance check. >> the nfl opened for business with a record night from its biggest star. john henry smith is here with the amazing highlights from denver. peyton manning is money all the time, isn't he? >> he certainly knows how to get the party started right for the nfl this season. after seven months without real live american football, fans had to wait 34 minutes when lightning crashed the party. it proofed to be well worth the wait thanks to 37 year young peyton manning. he wore a glove to get a better gripe.
7:43 am
he throws his first t.d. pass, hits for the score to tie the game at seven. finds thomas, not a replay, another score. don't let all the broncos heights fool you, they trailed in the third quarter. manning trying to put this ball in a better spot, that's a 28-yard t.k. pass. replay says that's a catch. third touchdown pass for manning. moments later, manning in striking distance again and strikes again. this time to his newest toy, wes welker. broncos up, moor manning goodness to come. the ravener don't cover welker at all. five touchdown passes for manning and counting. unless you think it was all sunshine and rainbows, get a load of this play, pass intercepted, nothing but green grass between him at end zone. the only way he could mess this
7:44 am
up is dropping the ball before he gets there, on purpose, no less. ravens get the ball, he gets aggravation, then he gets an earful from the coach. he barks back at him. there's nothing you can say. peyton manning hooked up twice with thomas. this one went for 78 yards, add another t.d. toss, giving manning seven touchdown passes along with 400 and 62 passing yards. broncos blow out the ravens 49-27. manning ties a league record for most touchdown passes in the game. he's just the sixth nfl quarterback to ever throw that many. the last guy to do it, joe capp 44 years ago of the minnesota vikings. cap lit up the coats back in 1969 for those six scores. manning becomes just the first player in nhl history to throw for six or more touchdowns in a
7:45 am
game on three separate occasions. our own michael bother witness to this. he's got more on manning's demolition of the defending superbowl champs. >> the denver broncos waited 236 days to get revenge. once that team finally got going on the offensive front in the second half scoring 28 unanswered points, we saw the full arsenal on display with peyton manning at the helm. he ties an nfl record with seven touchdown passes, joining five other players in doing so. he had two touchdown passes each to julius thomas, wes welker and da marius thomas. >> you never know what's going to happen in the game. i felt we had to scene scoring. baltimore is an exploding offense and our defense never relaxed. they kept bringing the heat in thought they did a good job
7:46 am
playing, answering the bell without some of top players, it says a lot about the pride of some of our defensive players. we felt we had to keep scoring. baltimore can score at any time. >> the defending champ ravens loft more than an opening game. they poteen shelly lost two starters, leaving the game with injuries. they do have 10 days off before going home and having their home her against the cleveland browns. as for the broncos, also with 10 days off before heading on the road to take on the giants, where peyton manning will face his younger brother eli for a chance to the encore of the seven touchdown performance here tonight. aljazeera, denver. >> you got to love peyton manning, an assassin on the field, dressed like a choir boy for the press conference. >> you're excited about the nfl.
7:47 am
>> absolutely. >> a man loses his life in an accident involving a remote controlled toy. >> kids have a sanctuary and place to hone their skateboarding skills. that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko ç]
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>> welcome back. a surprising mumps outbreak on the jersey shore. it has largely been contained with vaccines early in childhood. the c.d.c. may be close to regulating e cigarettes. the battery powered cigarettes are increasingly popular with kids. the number of teenagers who smoke them has doubled to 10% in the last year alone. >> brains are highly susceptible to nicotine addiction. many who start with e cigarettes
7:50 am
will be struggling with nicotine addiction their whole lives. >> 30 states have banned the cigarettes for those under 18. >> the last holdouts are started eating again at a prison hunger strike protesting the state's use of solitaire confinement. public hearings have been called to focus on the practice. >> a new york city man is dead after a freakish mishap involving a remote control helicopter. the 19-year-old was piloting it in a park when it struck and killed him. one of the rotors appeared to have cut his head or neck open. >> it's been 16 years since princess diana was killed in a car crash, but she seems to have never left the hearts and minds of her admirers. a new film is out that focuses on her private life. not everyone is happy about it.
7:51 am
>> kensington palace, dianna's former home. the years have failed to ease the pain. parties come through in the summer to's where she used to live. in the united states, the fascination with the royal family is never-ending, but the dianna fan club is international. >> she was wonderful. she was something different to the family, and i think she broke the shackles of being very stuffy and unapproachable. >> she was just so sweet, so kind hearted, trying to help everyone. >> this week 16 years ago, this whole area was a sea of flowers as britain and elsewhere went into a collective sense of shock. 16 years of course is a very long time and for many no doubt, dianna has faded into the distance. what this proves is that for many others, she really hasn't. people remember her recently particularly because of her son william, who's been in the news,
7:52 am
but seem to remember her in her own materials, as well. >> the nightmare story, the princess who died in such a violent way seems to haunt many people still. >> in the popular imagination, princesses do not die in late night car crashes caused by drunk drivers, but the princess did. the most glamorous, most charismatic of our lifetimes came to a grizzly end. >> the first buy on thattic on her life seemed to concentrate on a secret relationship she had a a pakistani surgeon. some think it entirely inappropriate that a woman who died being pursued by paparazzi should have a film made about her private life. >> it should stay private. the good, bright things about her have always been there and
7:53 am
i'm sure generation after generation, she will be there in the memory of the people. >> it's certainly true that the legacy dianna's family intended for her was one of contained laughter and children, best portrayed by this fountain. 16 years after she was buried, it seems travesty still can't escape the woman who became known as the people's princess. >> on ohio man is likely headed to prison after making a startling on line confession. >> my name is matthew kordle. on june 22, 2013, i hit and killed vincent canzoni. >> the 22-year-old admits he was drunk when he drove his car the wrong way down a highway. he has not been charged and said he made the video against his lawyer's advice. he knows his confession will be used against him, but says he
7:54 am
plans to plead guilt anyway. >> in florida, a new type of ministry is ramping up, tate parks for young christians, the so-called skate ministries are rolling across the country. >> they come to practice their flips and slides, and for skateboarders across the globe, indoor parks like this one are the perfect environment. social, safe and give skaters the space to hone their skills. >> this is more than a place where you practice your latest trick on the ramp or halfpipe. it is to many people, also a house of worship. >> we're skaters and we love you. >> it is more specifically a skate ministry, and a large
7:55 am
church, catering to young christians. bible classes are compulsory. >> we've been doing it for a while, 13 years now. it's not -- they can come or they can leaf, you know, it's all good. >> the 13-year-old marcus montoya is a church regular and one of the most talented skateboarders. he's won tournaments across the country and say his religious studies help him skate better. >> you skate a little bit and read the bible and talk about jesus and god and come back and skate and you have a good set of mind, and then you just skate hard. >> but to parents like kate, the skate ministry wasn't an easy sell. she was initially wary of bringing her son here but now says the experience was transformative. >> he would have told you two months ago that he's atheist.
7:56 am
rather recently, he told me hey mom, i read the entire book of matthew today. hey, mom, did you know they found noah's arc? >> the skateboard is used to attract a younger audience, saying they are combining their two greatest passions. >> at the ends of our first hour, here is what we're following. it is day two at the g20 summit in russia where president obama is pushing for support for military action against syria but not finding any takers. >> edward snowden revealed the agency figured out how to by pass encryption to protected on line information. >> spain, japan and turkey remain in the running for the 2020 olympics. they'll learn on saturday whether they'll be awarded the big game. >> it was the peyton manning show on opening night for the nfl. he set a record for most touchdown passes in a game with
7:57 am
seven if that that hasn't been accomplished since 1969. broncos roll over the ravens. >> it's a chilly morning in the northeast, a soggy morning in the northwest. it's going to be an exceptionally hot day across the central portion of our country. i'll tell you all about it very soon. >> that's all for this hour of aljazeera. so much more coming up ahead, do keep it here with us. we're back in two and a half minutes. don't go anywhere.
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>> good morning. this is aljazeera america. i'm richelle carey. president obama breaking bread in the g-20 summit, but the dinner conversation was about an air strike in syria. the pot is calling on the pentagon to expand plans for syria, asking congress to approve the use of force. >> a southwest passenger plane has an open cargo door, forcing an emergency landing. >> i hit and killed vincent. >> a man posts a video telling the world that


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