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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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[ technical difficulties ] >> for members of congress, there was a stream of members of the house and senate, in and out of the west wing all day long today. with the startling proposal from russia. >> return over the chemical weapons in the next week without delay and anow a total accounting for that, but he isn't about to do it, and it can't be done, obviously? >> reporter: or can it? the russian prime minister proposed turning over control to an international body and destroying them. the syrians were receptive. >> ongoing conversations on this
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matter at the highest level. >> we literally just heard about this, as you did some hours ago. we haven't had a chance to look at it yet, and we will. >> perhaps the clearest sign that the proposal is being taken seriously, hillary clinton ofered her take on the plan without being asked. >> this cannot be another excuse for delay for obstruction, and russia has to support the international community's efforts sincerely or be held to account. >> reporter: this as the administration faces opposition from congress and the public. the share of americans opposing strikes has shot up 15 points from 48% to 63%. many who were undecided have now turned against military action. >> so i think we could actually hold syria to whatever standards
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we consider reasonable. the president would have to consider how the congress and others would react, but in principal, he can avoid have a [ inaudible ] by imposing a strict deadline. >> how would congress react, tony? we have heard mixed reaction from congress. one conservative republican senat senator -- said how can betrust russia. but -- [ technical difficulties ] >> and libby any word on how that briefing went? >> at this point, tony, if you
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haven't committed one way or another. there are a lot of potentially game changing things in the air. there might be some kind of effort to work with russia here. they said let's wait and see, and some of them said it might be a stalling tactic. more than half of the american public shows the president hasn't made his case yet. so we're hearing a lot of wait and see. one member, congressman adam smith said today i'm taking all of this information in, but i'm going to take my time and make a careful and really thoughtful decision here. we heard from mike viqueira that
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congressman king out of new york has been talking about this. he is one who has said the president really has to hammer home the message to the american people tomorrow night. >> that brings me to the next point, libby. do members of congress really think this speech -- a lot is hanging in the balance based on how well this speech is received. could it be that defining moment for the president's push for military action in syria? >> yes, and no. he president is speaking to a lot of the networks tonight. so we'll see him blanketing the airwa airwaves, and making that appeal to members. we have seen members reaching out to specific niche groups like the congressional black caucus. that is a key group to watch, a group that has been very loyal to president obama, very much aligned with many of his
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positions, but they are in a bit of a pickle to decide how to vote on this. the president is going to be addressing the nation but he'll also be trying to move on other fronts at the same time. >> all right. lineby thank you. paul is following deliberations in the senate. and paul what are you hearing from that side. >> tony, that's right on the senate side of things this afternoon. senator harry reid saying he would be able to bring this to a vote on wednesday, expressing confidence that he has the momentum on wednesday leading to a final vote on friday, but, again this proposal from the russians and the white house reaction, they may have some looking at it as a way out, others very spectacle. >> where were the russians
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during those three other occasions? is this another tactic for delay, another tactic to enable assad to have more time? >> again, you heard mike viqueira earlier referring to this as a possible game changer from the white house point of view. a few senator strongly onboard. let's hear from one of them. >> the american military has incredible ability to deal with issues in a forceful way, but also do so in a very short time frame. i really do believe based on the many meetings we have had both of military and civilian leadership, i really believe to characterize what is proposed as a pin prick or what is proposed as inserting ourselves into a long-term civil war, i think both of those characterizations are wrong. >> now, again, this russian
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proposal getting some very mixed reaction. actually on the democratic side two tentative endorsements from carl levin saying he would welcome it if the russians are serious, and same from diane feinstein. so this proposal may be turning the side in the senate. >> paul appreciate it. protestered gathered on the hill today to protest a strike in syria. they have been camped out on the hill for days trying to convince members of congress to vote against the strike. one of the cofounders of the group says most americans are against military action in syria. >> i see it as an outpouringover people on the left and the right and the center coming together around this. when we are in those offices of
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those congress people we literally keep hearing people answering the phone saying thank you for your call, i will register your opposition. and it is non-stop, so i don't see the people who are proattack making those kind of phone calls. this is the american people saying this is not what is good for america or syria. >> iran has been accused of interfering in syria's civil war, now there may be proof. a civil rebel group has released video it says it found after a battle with iranian fighters. >> iranian fighters on syrian soil. despite being foreigners, it appears they are the ones calling the shots in a war that has arguably become as much about them as it is about syrians. this is the home of syrian army soldiers, and iranians control
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the communication, giving orders of where to fight and when. it has long been alleged that iran sends weapons and solders to support the assad regime, but these are the first pictures giving incited into how they operate. according to the rebel group, the footage was filmed by an iranian fighter who's camera they captured. they know they are being filmed and speak freely. >> translator: i have been in syria for almost a year. i have fought all across the country. we have managed to take control of the south, and now we're pushing northwest. >> the video shows how in control the iranian fighters are. they drive through freely, and when they pass is syrian military check point it is clear that the army has little say about what goes on.
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>> translator: where are your fighters? don't be scared. we have deployed our forces everywhere. and we have set up a check point over there to secure the road. >> reporter: a memo announces that a syrian soldier is being punished for driving too fast and damaging the vehicle. another syrian soldier pleads with the iranian commander to grant a holiday in order to boost morale. according to the syrian opposition, there are dozens of other bases run by iranian mercenaries. and if this video is anything to go by, it could appear that syrian's civil war is in fact more of an international coflict.
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hello, i'm kevin corriveau. we have a dangerous situation building up across the northwest part of the united states. heavy rain across the region, we're talking about five states here, new mexico, utah, colorado, arizona, as well as parts of texas, a lot of flooding here. over the next 24 hours, the main area we'll be watching is arizona and new mexico, but when we go from 24 to 72 hours, then we are looking at some very dangerous rains. anywhere in that area between 6 and 8 inches, which means flash flooding is going to be a major problem. there is a storm in the making in the eastern part of the atlantic. that will be moving up to the north. that really should stay for the most part into the open ocean.
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because the water temperatures are so cold, we don't expect to see any develoment with the system over the next day. as you can see, the warmest weather is out towards the west. temperatures there are between 85 and 86 degrees. >> kevin thank you. new yorkers get ready to go to the polls to pick a few mayor, a preview of that race when we come back.
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welcome back to al jazeera, i'm tony harris. new york city voters are getting ready to choose a successor to
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mayor bloomberg. >> reporter: it's election season in new york where democratic voters outnumber republicans 6-1. the front runner the polls among democrats is bill deblauzo. he has built his campaign around new york city's current mayor. he has been krcriticized for a campaign ad. >> no matter where they live or what they look like. and i would say that even if he weren't my dad. >> i'm not about talking and finger points and complaining. i'm about getting things done. >> reporter: quinn would be the city's first openly gay mayor, but has fallen to third place in recent polls. moving bill thompson into second place. he was a democratic nominee fou%
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years ago but lost to bloomberg. this year he has work invoke the black and hispanic communities. >> it's time to stop blaming and start changing. >> trailing bad loi is john lou, who had two campaign workers convicted and former congressman anthony weiner, who left capitol hill after a session -- sexting scandal. on the republican side, joe loda takes his backing from former mayor giuliani. they have tried to turn that against him.
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>> $16 to cross a bridge? what was joe thinking? >> reporter: it is the most open competitive race new york has seen in years, and during bloomberg's three terms in office, new york has changed. >> new york has become increasingly diverse since the last several mayor alecions we have seen. now we are seeing issues that we haven't seen maintain as much voting power in the past. >> reporter: all of this seems to have failed to energize voters. turnout is expected to be light. of the city's 8 million voters only half are registered to vote in the primaries. if you are trying to buy a new home, you could be in for a
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bit of a more difficult time. ali velshi is going to be talking about that at the top of th hour. ali why is it getting harder again? >> if you have done anything in the mortgage world since the financial crisis, you know it has gotten tougher generally. back before 2005 if you knew how to spell your name, you could get a mortgage, but after a few months of lending going this way, it has taken a bit of a downturn and that's because of in anticipation of new federal rules coming in in january, some banks are tightening up rules. there used to be these interest-nly loans where you just paid interest, and you hoped that the house value would go up, those are going away in most cases, so some of these exotic loans or toxic loans are not going to be available, but
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the net result is for people looking to buy a house or if you are trying to sell one, with each passing day mortgages get tougher not easier. >> can the consumer catch a break here ali. >> well, while prices continue to go up, it's getting harder to get a loan, interest rates are up, and prices are going up, so it's a serious discussion. if you are in the market to buy or sell understand times are canging and now might be the time to buckle down. >> more on this at the top of the hour? >> yes, and you know about eminent domain? i have a story about one town that is using eminent domain to keep people in their homes. >> all right. we'll be there. police question george zimmerman today after an apparent domestic disturbance.
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shelley zimmerman did not press charges against her husband, but she says on a 911 call, that her husband threatened both her and her father for a gun. she filed for divorce last friday. it has been two months since george zimmerman was found not guilty for murder. spaceship two broke the sound barrier before returning to earth. it could make its first commercial flight next year. all right. ross is here, and the cowboys off to a good start, huh? >> how about them cowboys. and tony romo, he has a man card for life. the good news for cowboy fans, x
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rays came back negative on those ribs, so romo expected to strap it up sunday when the cowboys head to kansas city to take on the chiefs. they beat the giants last night, and the giants pretty much gave the game away, because they turned it over six times. david wilson, twice, and after a second fumble the kid was in the dog house and benched for the rest of the game. the giants plan to work out brandon jacobs, lewis mcgahee, and joe mcknight. robert griffin the third will strap it up tonight. he and the red skins will be hosting chip kelly and the philadelphia eagles tonight. it will be interesting to see how kelly's fast-paced offense will work with michael vick at the helm. i can't wait. >> all right. ross, appreciate it, thing you.
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of the woman who completed the 110 mile swim, is now being questioned. some believe she had some help during her swim,s which are lers are revows after the olympic cmmittee decided to keep it in the games. an unlikely union of nations thought to have the move reversed. >> reporter: victory on the wrestling mat. these young math leets are the future of iran, now with the deciion to retain wrestling in the olympics, that future looks brighter. >> translator: when i heard it was so happy because my hope for the olympics was restored. every four years this is what we wait for.
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>> reporter: in february wrestling was in a spin. iran formed an unlikely alliance with the u.s. and russia to save the sport. >> translator: authorities from different countries contacted iran, the u.s., russia, and turkey. these countries have good reputations in wrestling. we contacted the organizer and told them to retain wrestling. >> reporter: they lobbied and won. it's the best news for wrestlers like this man who has represented his country internationally. he didn't want the dedication to go to waste. >> translator: i just want to see a gold olympic medal hanging on my chest. it takes a lot of effort if you want to win. >> reporter: iran has practiced wrestling since ancient times,
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and of iran's 60 olympic medals 38 have been for wrestling. many of these young men also hope to become olympians and maybe one day have their photo hanging beside their hero. a european museum has discovered a priceless painting hidden in the attic of a home for years. it has been years stored away, because it was thought to have been painted by someone else, but a two-year investigation, confirmed its authenticity. a gold discovery has been made. dozens of gold and silver coins
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and jewelry dating back to the 7th century were found at the temple mount. archaeologists believe it may be the oldest ornament ever found in any archaeological dig. the number of syrian refugees fleeing the country continues to climb. dennis rodman wants to take an nba all-star team to north korea.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera, i'm tony harris. here is a look at your headlines. a delay in the u.s. senate vote authorizing a strike on syria. harry reid has put the breaks on a vote. russia appears to be pushing for a diplomatic solution in syria. it has suggested that syria place its chemical weapons under international control. syria endorsed the idea as congress discusses whether to authorize the use of force, russia offers the idea to place
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the chemical weapons under international control so be destroyed. james bays joining us live. >> reporter: activity has been moving very, very fast. it started in london with john kerry saying he gave the assad regime a seven-day deadline to hand the weapons over. the russians picked up the idea, their foreign minister saying it was a good idea, and they would pressure sishia to hand over its weapons. and then ban ki-moon said this. >> for a number of days already, i have been considering our proposals in particular. i'm considering urging the
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immediate transfer of syria's chemical weapons, and chemical precurser stocks. i urge again that syria should become the party to all peace [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: it all sounds very traightforward, but there a big problems here, the main one of course syria is a war zone. how are you going to get people in there to get hold of the weapons? and the other big problem is no one knows how many chemical weapons assad has. very difficult to a verify he has handed over his chemical weapons if you have no inventory of the sarin, et cetera. if you don't have an inventory of what he has, how do you know
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he has handed it over, and this is something that could take months, some believe this could be a way for the syrians to stall. >> if the proposal is being taken seriously on its face, or if it is being viewed with great scepticism? >> some are very skeptical, those that are skeptical point back to iraq. remember, the games of cat and mouse that saadam hussein played with the weapons inspectors, i think some fear that is the way we could be going now. >> all right. james appreciate. thank you. president obama is making the rounds on prime time tv tonight to make his case to the american people. mike viqueira is in washington with more on what the president has been saying so far.
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mike? >> well, tony you are right. the first of the interviews started airing about 20 minutes ago. the president telling nbc news, that his preference has been a diplomatic solution to the syrian crisis. the last-minute proposal a possible way out, although we have been hearing a long way from a done deal. the president has said his preference has been a diplomatic solution. the president also says he has not decided on whether to use military force in syria if congress does not authorize those strikes. this is something of a departure from what we have heard over the last few days, many of whom have discouraged the idea that the president would move ahead without authorization. although there are many scenarios.
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they are not saying one way or the other is the president or his aids, what they would do in the abscess of congressional authorization, tone? >> we're going to run this to ground. and we'll engage with the russians and the international community to see if we can arrive at something that is enforceable and serious. one reason this may have a chance of success is even syria's allies like iran detest chemical weapons. iran was the target of chemical weapons at the hands of saddam hussein, so we may be able to arrive at a consensus in which it doesn't solve the underlying problems of civil war, but it solves the underlying problem which is making sure you don't have over 40 children gassed indiscriminately by these chemical weapons.
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>> we expect to hear from the president tomorrow night. >> terrific, mike viqueira. and joining me now is benny thompson. congressman good to talk to you. first of all, let me have your thoughts and views on the proposal from russia that suggests -- that is suggesting that syria put its chemical weapons stockpiled under international lock and key. what is your thought on that? >> well, it's an interesting report. clearly, i'm convinced anything short of military action should be considered. russia could have put a game changer on the table by doing this, and i think the president is right by saying he'll look at it. >> do you take it as a serious proposal or are you skeptical? >> well, a little bit of both. >> yeah. >> to be honest with you, it's
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kind of late in the game, but nonetheless we still have to give it serious consideration. i'm one of those individuals who thinks if we talk from now on without the loss of lives, then we have succeeded. so anything that moves us away from military action, we should clearly give it consideration. >> what about the argument that the president is making that the international norm against the use of chemical weapons is something that should be defended even if it is the united states and just the united states that is willing to defend it? >> well, the question is by taking that position, we have then put ours in a posture of becoming the world policemen. i think we have to take our allies with us. we have to make the case, and if our allies decide not to, then we need to look at alternate strategies. we can't go it alone in every
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situation. and i think you from the response to the general public saying we don't support this resolution, is just the fact that we have to do it a better way. we can't go it alone. >> does the united states have a responsibility on a humanitarian level to 1,000 dead syrians, 1400 or more maybe even, killed through chemical weapons? >> we have a responsibility any time atrocities like this happen. but should be it a military response? i think we can provide aid to the refugees who have gone to other countries by making sure that sanitary situations exist. we can do a number of things, but the notion of military action is something that i think weighs very heavy on the hearts of a lot of us to say is this the only resort to get people to
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stop doing bad things? >> what are you hearing from your constituents? >> i'm hearing absolute opposition it to from all of my townhall meetings, conversations, telephone calls. the president is going to have to make some strong statements in his address to the nation if he plans to get majority support from the house. >> so you are a democratic congressman from mississippi, we're talking about a push by democratic president for this resolution, authorizing the use of force in syria. you could actually vote against it? >> well, you know, tony, all politics is local. i'm the only person in the mississippi delegation who supported this president, but, you know, that support is qualified. it's not the kind that i support every issue, and i don't think the people send me to washington to agree on everything with
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other individuals. they expect me to carry a message, and i'm carrying a message on this resolution that unless a better case is made, i will be unknown. >> congressman thank you for your time. >> congratulations. >> yeah, thank you. a real nature lover and photograper who has made capturing endangered species her mision. and monday night madness in the nfl. ross will be hear with more on tonight's doubleheader.
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welcome back to al jazeera, i'm tony harris in new york. new gun rules in iowa have left
6:42 pm
some people literally scratching their heads. blind residents are allowed to get gun permits. some law enforcement officials say it is a dangerous idea. to discuss how people with visual difficulties can operation guns safety, is sachin. good to talk to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, tony is. >> can i ask the obvious question, first? please? >> go ahead. >> forgive me. you are completely blind. why are you a gun owner? >> well, i enjoy the sporting of gun for recreation, so i go target shooting. >> how -- how do you do that? >> well, the way i've -- the way i've gone about it is i have a
6:43 pm
camera -- a [ inaudible ] camera that i used to mount behind the scope of a gun which sends a live feed to an ipad or an iphone, which a friend or someone can tell me what they are seeing on the live feed and kind of give me direction on -- point left, right, whichever direction is needed. so someone is giving me direction based on what video feed they are getting from the camera. >> so is this the joy of -- of firing a firearm, or is this about the challenge of being able to do it? >> it's both. it's the joy of firing a firearm and participating in a sport which a lot of people enjoy participating in, and i happen to enjoy that sport. >> there is a sheriff in iowa who is opposed to the idea of the visually impaired owning
6:44 pm
guns, he said if i knew the person was blind, a permit would not be issued and the person would v the right to appeal. what is your reaction to that sentiment? >> i think it comes from the misperception of what a blind individual or blind person is capable of doing. i think there's a lot of misunderstanding that a blind person is not able to be responsible in such situations. blind people do a lot of things successfully, and they are very much capable to be responsible and to be able to be a gun owner and do what every other citizen does who wants guns. >> does the americans with you to own a gun?in fact allow or is it state laws that govern this kind of -- the licensing of it? >> the ada, the americans are
6:45 pm
disabilities act dictates there should not be discrimination based on disability, and this would fall under that, so an individual has the right to exercise, you know, their second amendment to own a gun, and responsibility lies on the owner. the blindness should not be the critical factor here. it's whether the individual is going to be responsible or not. i want to see some video of this. i would like to see you in action. [ laughter ] >> pleasure to talk to you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. american's unions have seen a decline in recent years, but in california the unions are gaining members. stephanie has more. ♪ >> reporter: these recent labor
6:46 pm
mars for more pay and better working conditions underscore the strength of california's union. >> we embarked on a new way of doing things, a new way of representing workers in los angeles. >> and going to continue to be our united states of america -- >> reporter: she is the executive secretary treasurer of the aflcio. while union member has been declining for decades across the country, california's unions are strong and growing. she says one reason is recruiting within the latino aim grant community. >> we found in reaching out to them that they really wanted to change their working conditions from low pay to -- to sustainable jobs for themselves and their familiar list. >> reporter: california add more than 100,000 new union members. nearly 17% of workers in california are in unions,
6:47 pm
compared to about 11% nationwide. and leaders say many of their members are undocumented immigrants who managed to find work in spite of laws designed to prevent hiring them. in 1999 unions stopped asking potential members about their legal status. there are currently about 2.6 million undocumented workers in the state, nearly 10% of the work force. manuel finished a study. >> immigrant workers have been the backbone of a growing labor novment the state of california. >> reporter: a movement that has become both politically motivated and politically focused. >> labor unions are partner with community based organizations to basically change the political playing field in a way that will be more favorable for union
6:48 pm
organizing and community trust. >> reporter: unions don't know how many undocumented workers they represent, but it's clear that these workers are starting to emerge from the shadows.% >> the fear is definitely something that you live with, and walk with, being undocumented and almost being ashamed of who you are. >> it's a fear every day to go out -- to go out [ inaudible ]. >> when they see that we care about all of the issues that impact their lives especially on immigration reform, then they trust us. >> reporter: union leaders hope strength in numbers will lead to better lives for their members and their families for generations of californians to come. ♪ one of the most exciting players in the national football
6:49 pm
league is going to suit up again tonight. >> tony harris is playing? >> no. [ laughter ] >> ever since undergoing major knee surgery, robert griffin the third has been jonesing to get back on the football field. >> all off season i have been working real hard. and it was real gratifying to get cleared to play. i think everybody is ready to go. we had a great preseason. teams are just ready to make it count now. so we're looking forward to playing a game the matters and that counts, and we'll be ready. i'll try to stay away from the numbers. you tend to take care of that pretty good. it is what it is, i just want to make sure i play tough, play hard, play fearless, and play smart. just having the same guys out there, knowing the system we're running this year, a little bit
6:50 pm
tweaked than the one we ran last year, and everybody knows that, and that has been a great thing all off season. it has been great to be able to pratice with these guys for a while now. and it still feels good to have the same guys around me. >> the redskins and eagles followed by the chargers and texas. anita marx spoke to john henry smith to break down the monday thoughts. >> one thing we all learned is be careful what you wish for. with regard to the collective bargaining agreement, very few ota's and no two a days, you saw a lot of teams that were not ready for week one in the nfl. i think it will take a good two, three weeks until we see teams get a feel for the game and really peak. i don't know we have seen the best of what the nfl has to
6:51 pm
offer after week 1. >> let's take a look at monday night's game. >> listen, it's a new foevens, chip kelly comes in. this is going to be a high-octane offense. will it work transcending from the college ranks to the nfl. a typical offense runs about 70 plays in a game, you are looking at possibly a hundred calls in a game for michael vick. that will be huge. if anyone saw the game with the new york football giants, yesterday, they were horrible against the cowboys. and again, i think a lot of team are not ready. i think redskins, really a lot of experts have them ranked at 10 best teams in the nfl. i think they can do that. you have rg3, one of the best out there. the big question mark is can he
6:52 pm
stay healthy? if he can, these sky is the limit. their wide receiver is healthy. i believe the washington red skins are the best team. i think they come out of that division a winner and make it to the playoffs again, if rg3 can stay healthy. >> the texans have never quite gotten there. is this the year? >> i believe it is. defensively they are healthy. jjwatt is on a mission to have more than 20.5 sacks this season. and they add ed reid. i believe he will play tonight, but that's tremendous. i mean their defense has the potential to be one of the best if not the best defense in the nfl. you have got to love that. and keep an eye on the young
6:53 pm
wide receiver. they are expecting big things from him, not to mention, aryan foster and ben sheets in the backfield, i think this is a team to really be careful of. >> the u.s. open, your number two seed opening against the number one seed. and this is going to be a good one. >> yeah. five sets would be great. thanks, ross. a chicago photographer is on a quest to document some of nature's smallest creatures. a quest to photograph all 483 dangered species in illinois. in her own words, carol freeman tells us about her journey. >> i'm carol freeman. i'm a nature photographer, and my quest is to photograph all 483 threatened endangered sp species in illinois.
6:54 pm
the habitat is comprised of all of these flowers, and grasses, and you can't have one without the other, so that's why it is important to photograph them all. we had a very hard time finding good, quality images of those species, and i realized i didn't have pictures of them, and the really good photographers in the area didn't have pictures of them, and i realized there was a need for somebody to document beautifully these images. >> i always like to get the eye if i can. i think i'm over 140 right now. taken about ten years to get that far. my favorite story for the most difficult spearsies is the rarest dragon fly in the united states. i would go out every other week looking for the dragon fly. it took me three years, and i finally tracked it down, and got some photographs of it.
6:55 pm
she was beautiful. she flew right in front of me ad landed on some cat tails. it was so exciting, and to have such good shots of it. my goal is never to go out and get the picture first. it's always about my appreciation of nature, and if i get a good picture, that's a bonus. the fact that these spearsies are so rare, i'm one of maybe a hndful of people who have actually gotten to see them, and they are in my own backyard. i didn't have to travel thousands of miles. i think so many people have -- have lost touch with that, and take it for granted, and they say, oh, i have seen that. there's no point. but i go to the same little prairie that's five minutes from my house and every day i see something view.
6:56 pm
u.s. have returned some stolen antiques to afghanistan. two of the artifacts pictured here date back to the 5th century bureaucrat -- bc. more news ahead including a look at the weather with kevin, and "real money" ahead. >> thinking of buying or selling a home? i'll tell you why both sides might be getting tougher, and i'll show you why eminent domain is being used to keep people in their home in one town.
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>> this goes all the way towards the eastern part of eastern russia. we have seen flooding that has been of historical nature. the river has flooded and it's a major problem. first of all let's go back one
6:59 pm
year. here is the river right there. and now, just a few days ago, this is what the river is looking like. because of heavy rain and a dam-breaking its bank. really 10,000 people are affected. the city just to the north, 5,000 people, this water is going to take if not weeks, months, and it needs to be moving downstream. china will also be experiencing some very significant rain. it is going to be flooding as well. back to the united states, we're looking at high-pressure across the central plains. what is happening is everything is dry down here, and all of the weather systems are up toward the north. temperatures tomorrow, we expect to see 100. that's a look at your national weather.
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♪ welcome to al jazeera, i'm tony harris, here are tonight's top stories, president obama says he is willing to put military strikes on hold if syria turns over control of its chemical weapons. the announcement was made during a round of tv interviews tonight. military strikes are still very much on the table despite the new development. after being questioned by police, george zimmerman is not under arrest after an apparently domestic dispute with his wife. shelley zimmerman did not press charges against her husband, but she says on at 911al


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