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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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for securing the weaponsl stock piles. towns in colorado are submerged and the water keeps coming. crews have rescued hundreds and they are still trying to track down dozens more. fist on the agenda trying to figure out how the fire started.
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our stop story, the u.s. and russia have reached a dell on syrian chemical weapons. sergey lavrov and snob kerry say they must turn over an account of their arsenal within a week. they are asking syria to provide a comprehensive live. the agreement will be backed by a u.n. t security council resolution that could allow for seances or other consequences if syria fails the comply. two plan layed out today asks for a complete destruction of syria's chemical weapons by the middle of next year. al jazeera is in geneva carrying the latest round of talks. two key question, though, is whether this includes the possibility that syria would face military strike if it does not comply with these guidance that have been decided upon.
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that's the elephant in the room, and it is the one that everybody has agreed to ignore. can u.s. said it needs to be on the table, but the asaad regime needs to have that threat, to have the incentive to comply, the russians say that the threat of military strikes is basically tantamount to extortion. now, neither side seems to have moved very far from that, but they have agreed on a number of different things. the russians still say we -- even if they don't comply, the syrians that we would have to do a number of things in the u. n. security council for his part, secretary of state john kerry said left it open to the possibility of some sort of action by the west. let's take a quick listen to the regulations that secretary of state john kerry refers to when he spoke about this. listen to what he had to say.
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>> in the event of noncompliance, we have committed to impose measures under chapter 7 within the u.n. security council. ultimately, perhaps more so than anywhere in the world, actions will matter more than words. so that has been an interesting statement by john kerry, because chapter 7 is part of the u.n. security council charter which indicates that this -- the security council or members of the security council see that there is an immediate threat to either regional or global stability that they can act in a number of different ways and there will be consequences. they could be anything. it could be sanctioned, it cow a no fly zone, it could be military action, it could be striked. that will be left up to the members of the
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security council to debate and decide. the russians have basically said if the syrians don't comply, we will then discuss what to do. so a little bit of vagueness, probably purposeful, but at least some movement, some significant movement on other issues here in geneva, that averts immediate crisis in the eastern mediterranean. stephanie. >> phil, what happens next in the process now? >> what happens next is there will be meetings at the sideline in two weeks. the proposal that's been agreed upon here by boothe the americans and the russians call for the syrians to provide intelligence on their chemical weapons stock pile size, and what it's composed of. that's significant development as well.
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and there are a number of other steps that will be taken in trying to secure and destroy that weapons stock pile including sending in investigation teams from the international community, admits that bloody civil war, and how that will be done. now, that's being worked out, it has been worked out to a certain degree, but we have to see how it is implemented. two ice in particular, saying that the asaad regime has to assure the safety of those inspection teams. we will wait and see what the response is on this, but what i think is most -- one of the most significant things is that for the first time since this crisis began, it does appear as though russia and america have come -- about as close to a consensus on this issue as can be expected. so they walk away with both sides not claiming victory, both sides don't have a clear defeat, but in many ways this just pushes the issue down the road a bit.
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>> phil ittner reporting from geneva, there are so many outstanding questions so i want to bring in professor austin long. at the school of international affairs at columbia university. professor long, thank you so much for joining us. my first question is about the feasibility of actually getting these weapons under control, we have seen reports unconfirmed reports in the last couple of days that these weapons are being moved. the opposition came out this morning just a few minutes ago saying they have been moved into iraq, we can't confirm those reports. is it feasible that these weapons, all of them, can come under international control? >> it's feasible, but it will be very difficult. as reports indicate you are trying to secure a huge and diverse stock pile in the middle of a civil war, this is something that has simply never been done before. whiles the feasible it will be difficult, and the details mat ear lot. >> what about enforcement? >> enforcement is another question, what do you do in respond if the syrian
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regime, as the iraqi regime did, resists inspections or doesn't allow inspectors fulling access to the sites and it can claim, if it is providing their security, it is for their security. we are in the middle of a war, we can't take you to this site, because it is the scene of fights etc. i think there's a lot of questions about what to do. >> secretary of state kerry seemed to say that military strikes were still on the table. at least for the u.s., he invoked chapter seven of the u. n. chapter, do you think that military strikes would be an appropriate response to noncompliance? >> they could be an appropriate response, but the big issue is the same issue we had a couple of weeks ago, before these talks began, which is what do you strike? who do you target, what do you target, the obama administration was talking about striking a regime that would be painful, but not too painful. one of my colleagues called this the goldie lox option, but it is
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very hard to find that in practice. >> there is also the issue of the broader civil war. put the question still remain whose is at the peace talks, who is the opposition. >> the opposition is divided. it will be difficult to have a peace agreement with such a divided opposition, which ranges from more moderate factions which are vowed affiliates of al quaida, so it will be difficult under the best of circumstances. >> do you think this deal makes it any more likely that president asaad would be willing to negotiate? >> i think not. in fact asaad could come out strengthened if there are safe havens that are put in place to allow inspectors could come in, this could strengthen his hold on the country. >> so many questions.
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thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> the massive flooding in colorado has grown worse. people near boulder have watched help leslie as their homes were washed away. the river carried 50 times more water than nor 3458. rescuers got a break when the rain stops but the threat of flooding will loom throughout the weekend. >> colorado entered its third straight day of flash flooreds that continue to batter communities and camed a fourth life on friday. thousands remain trapped completely isolated as bridges, roads and at least 12 dams in the foot hims of colorado have proven no match for the record rainfall. by the time we got in the car, the water was up to the doors and we couldn't get out the drive way. you can see there, that's the car. >> many commutes in our western mountains are completely isolated. there is no road access,
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no television, no power, no septic, no sewer. >> making matters worse, hundreds of people are still unaccounted for. >> we are very anxious to get any word, and see if he is okay. >> but it was another day of dramatic rescues for first responder whose have been forced to find any way they can to reach trapped residents with no way out. just scary, you never think you will be in that kind of a situation. >> in james town, national guard troops were finally able to reach 295 residents after two days airlifting them from the remote mountain town to safety. >> our house is gone, the road is gone. >> as rescue teams have their hands full, a new challenge emerged late friday night. this time from boulders main water pipeline, which city workers say has been breeched. they say there is no immediate threat to drinking water, but
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untreated waste water is dischallenging directly into the creek. a short break in the weather gave resident it is opportunity to survey some of the damage. my house is sitting in a river. >> but that reprieve may be short lived. as forecasters are predicting several more days before the rain moves out. >> we are starting to get an idea of the scope of these floods. an area about the size of the state of kentucky. as we mentioned, let's bring in meteorologist kevin. >> it's not going to be as heart as what we have seen, actually in the last three days we saw 12.3-inches in boulder colorado. over the next three days we expect to see maybe another three-inches in the area. we are still looking at flood watches and warnings in effect for this location, but as you can see, the rain has stopped for now, but we don't expect it to stop
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for very long. let me give you a look of why this is such an impacted area. here is boulder colorado. we are looking up here towards the west. those are the mountains. boulder creek is right here as you go from boulder and then towards the west. so boulder actually empties right there, and that's the biggest problem. it isn't a flood plain, and this particular flood they say is a one in a 100 year event. major problem there. a lot of areas just over here towards the east have been flooded as well. over the next day or so, floodwaters are in effect in the northern part of colorado and the higher elevations we talk about flash flood warnings. as i said, another three inches of rain over the next 72 hours so that's already on top of saturated ground. this is going to be a major problem, also looking at flooding down here, this has been going on because of the monsoon sippuation all the way through september. as well as what is happening in parts of
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utah. now, down towards the south and mexico, we have two tropical storms one on each coast causing major problems. these two storms are going to cause major flooding, not only flooding especially here, but also over here towards the western part of mexico. they expect to both be making land falls tropical storm ingrid over cruise could become a hurricane, and the potential of landslides and mudslides is very great. we are already seen some in this area, this is something we will be watching throughout the rest of the day, as these storms intense fie and dump up to 15-inched of rain. >> thank you. investigators in new jersey want to know what the public can tell then about the fire that burned through part of seaside boardwalk. they are asking for pictures taken before or after the blaze broke out. the investigation will likely take days partly because hot spots are still flairing up. seaside officials say they will rebuild the burned portion.
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a bomber in afghanistan left three in his path, but the real target was left unhurt. >> people flooding out of cuba. >> you know there's a baseball team that has just three players? i will tell you who the latest member of that club is, just ahead in sports. blame >> just to be able to defend the title for once will be awesome, and i've done so well here the past few times i've played, getting to the semis or finals. it's been really, really exciting. i'm happy that i've been able to consistently do well here. >> australian cricket captain michael clarke led his team to victory against england, scoring his first tonne. england were bowled out
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for 227 in pursuit of australia score of 315/7. >> and now take a look at this young man who has more than a few expectations to live up to. this is argen tendulkar son of sachi, in his father the highest run scorer.
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the bomber was trying to target a convey of nato troops, but the explosives hidden inside his vehicle went off early.
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the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks. a month long teacher strike in mexico city may be coming to an end. thousands of police cleared the streets in the capitol. they drove out protestors with tier gas and water cannons. to break their unions, they are also asking the government to repeal a controversial new system of standardized teaching testing put in effect last week. two number of people leaving cuba is near a 20 year high. despite government efforts to improve the economy there. many of those migrants are heading to the united states, in search of better opportunities. she has not seen her daughters in four years, both of them live in the united states. >> i have sold everything
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i own, my house, my car, my daughters have work in the u.s. it hurts to leave my land. >> government figures show that almost 50,000 cubans migrated permanently 2012. the annual figure since 1994, after what international on servers dubbed the crisis. for decades cubans have tried to leave this country using all sorts of ways, this beach, for example, is where thousands of rafters used to come to sail to the united states, but earlier this year, the government lifted most of the restrictions for leaving the country freely, now, it's much razier and less expensive for people here to travel and to return when they immigrate. >> most cubas choose to migrate to the united states, where they are granted residency even if they enter the country illegally. washington recently announced it was
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lengthening visas from six months to five years allowing them to make multiple u.s. visits. >> in five years you can go and come as many times as you want, my sister lost her daughter and i want to go and visit, it isn't in the past when you left and could not return, both sides are making it easier. >> many of those leaving are young and educated. a problem for a government that is facing a demographic crisis. where fewer young people have to support a growing older population. >> the situation now is different than in the past because they are leaving with visas. the only way to prevent this is by improving the economic situation here. >> and that's what the government is trying to do. they have announced a series of economic reforms, to modernize and adopt the soviet style economy to current times. but until people see the real benefit, the tide will still carry people
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towards the u.s. former baseball slugger says he wants to begin serving his sentence for obstruction of justice charges. the form err san francisco giant all star faced 30 days of house arrest in two years probation. the court ruled that bonds 2003 grand jury testimony hindered investigation gators broke into elite athletes use of performance enhancing drugs. well, a bit of history was made on the golf course. with a look at this mornings sport. >> good morning. friday the 13th, a very lucky day for mr. jim furyk. now whether or not he claims the trophy and the big check, this is what everybody will remember, he was tearing it up at the b.m.w. championship, he carted 11 birdies and an eagle at 43 years young, he becomes just the 6th player ever to shoot the magical 59 score. he is sitting at 11 under
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par, and he is tied at the lead going into today's third round. to baseball. a great season by orioles slugger chris davis has just gone legendary, with this home run friday night, davis became the second oriole to hit 50 home runs in a season, and the third major leaguer ever to hit 50 home runs and 30 doublings. davis' orioles beat the blue jays 5-4. well, there was another type of home run over in pittsburgh, in the fourth inning, the pirates launched one to right field, and off the wall. around the bases he goes, he has a chance, for an inside, the park home run and no cup is going to stop him. that's going to be his 33rd of the year. and then, one pitch later, russell martin. he hit the old school home run. the one that goes out of the park. two pitches later, it was garrett joan's turn to go, three home runs in a row for pittsburgh, but the pirates still lose,
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and a game back of first place, st. louis in the nl central. well, sports illustrated has run a disturbing series of reports detailing bad behavior within the oklahoma state football program. now they have announced online that the school will conduct an internal investigation to determine how much of the report is true. among the allegations are cash payments to players, grade fixing, rampant drug use and enticing recruits with how tesss promising sex. now, baseball sluggerring the playing at noon, 23 or twenty-third ranked nebraska they host number 16 ucla, at 3:30, the marque match up for the today, number one alabama against johnny man zell and his number six texas a&m aggies. also at 3:30, tennessee travels to oregon in the nighttime, it is number four, ohio state, to face california there's
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quarterback the nation's leading passer, and at 8:00, purdue hosts number 21 notre dame. it's fight night tonight in vegas. floyd may weather jumped back into the ring. 11,000 people showed up friday at the weigh in, so the two fighters could strike a pose and say cheese. alvarez just made weight at 152 pounds. he usually fight as bit heavier. as for the money mound, the pound for pound king tipped the cames at 150. finally to nascar, we will have 13 drivers instead of the usual 12. jeff gordon he was added by nascar yesterday as the 13th driver to maintain the integrity of the sport. what do i mean by that? nascar caught two teams cheating in the final race to chase -- to the chase last weekend, so nascar decided to add gordon who was sitting right on the line, and that is your look at morning sports. >> thank you.
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apartmentering economy in greece could still get help, from a chinese company. hindereds of millions of dollars are at stake if the government gives the okay. >> and michigan impossible, the man trying to fly across the atlantic, using hundreds of helium balloons cuts his trip short. that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
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hi, my name is jonathan betz,
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are beginning to emerge. one of them is china's massive investment. now bidding to take over the entire facility making greece a major trade gate way between europe and china. reports not everybody is happy about it. >> these are the largest in the world. they have notelet been built, only dream of, their awesome capacity matches the shipping company or coos coe where they start. costco is spending $750 million to turn this terminal into southern europe's main trade rout, and a regional hub. safes a weak sailing to
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the ports of northern europe, and at least 2 million people per trip. coos coe is banking on that advantage. to as much as 7 million container as year. >> during the three years in greece, costco has increased container traffic a dozen times over. its investments here have increases global ranking among terminals from 772 years ago to the top 40. and now, costco may be broadening it. >> but it also operate as container terminal and a shipyard, all in need of investment. >> what we are trying to do is say not only to get the higher bidder, to take the control of the port, but also who is going to invest me in this. because think this privatization, we like to attract investors. >> costco is preparing a bid and were it to win,
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the left wing opposition says that will create a monopoly, but it is also against the idea of selling infrastructure to pay down the debt. >> the great business state sector is very small, and that's why in the privatization scheme they work first to include ports, airports, costco has already committed to spending close to $5 billion here, spending another billion to create a greek champion port is within its power. many greeks are unlikely to say no to that. a a new robert that -. >> lifted off earlier today after a two week delay, the space agency
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says the rocket cost about $37 million to develop. the rocket is carrying an orbiting telescope that will on serve other planets in our solar system. a less than successful flight, jonathan trap sent off from maine in a bucket tied to 300 giant balloons. but the trip didn't go as planned trap spent 12 hours in the air, b and only made it as far as newfoundland. once he hit the ground he updated his facebook status, writing hmm, this doesn't look like france. still pretty impressive. that will do it for this edition of al jazeera news. alley veal she is next with real money, and remember, news at the top of every hour, you can also catch us online. thank you for watching have a great day.
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