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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera. our top stories at this hour. >> we have greed to destroyed all chemical weapons-- >> break through in geneva. in colorado, the worst flooding in decades. towns have been cut off, and 200 people are unaccounted for. >> this is legitimately a dad thing, but wa sadthing, but we'. >> a community devastated by fire take action.
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>> good to have you with us, secretary of state john kerry, and his russian counterpart sevgey schuster valr lavrov agrg chemical weapons. >> president obama called secretary of state john kerry to praise him. the president issued a statement welcoming the progress but with these cautionary words.
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he said this in part: those words backed up by the pentagon statement that there have been no change of forces in the region. but there is other reaction from two prominent senators, john mccain and lindsey graham. they say that russia and syria's bashar al-assad was leading the u.s. down a blind alley, and there is nothing to resolve in the conflict in syria. what does this framework leave? >> reporter: unlikely partners in diplomacy, russia and the united states agree to put
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syrian chemical weapons out of use. >> the world will now expect the assad regime to live up to its public commitments. and as i said at the outset of these negotiations, there can be no games, no room for avoidance, or anything less than full compliance by the assad regime. >> reporter: and what if he doesn't comply? after meetings that went on for three days in geneva, sevgey lavrov seems to have watered down the u.s. threat of force. >> in this approach agreed on there has been nothing said of force or automatic sanctions. all violations should be proved in the u.n. supreme court councisecurity court councilcon.
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>> reporter: international inspectors must be allowed to begin their work inside syria by november. the goal is to have eliminated all of syria's chemical weapons by the 2014. neither man could smell out exactly how to achieve such an ambitious objective, and it's also clear any attempt to enforce this plan should the assad government fail to comply could be so bogged down at the security council where of course russia has a veto, that any threat of u.s. force has become almost meaningless. the deal in geneva has not gone down well with syria's opposition. >> we believe that russia and the syrian regime are playing games to waste time and win time for the criminal regime in damascus. we think that our friends in the western countries and in the united states know exactly the
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main goal of the russian administration. they are trying to find a solution for the regime in damascus. >> as syrians continue to die dozens each day by conventional force, the promise to remove chemical weapons from the battlefield will not shift the battle of the ground, but a peace conference just might, and that's something being discussed off the back of the genev talksn geneva. al jazeera. >> and in a related development, the united nations said they have received syria's request and paperwork to join the chemical weapons coul conventio.
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that could be done in 30 days. >> jeanne thank you. meanwhile refugees stream out of syria by the hundreds. a boat with women and children was sinking near calabria. they were rescued. i want to take you out to colorado now where askers have madrescuers arein flood towns. rescuers are issuing a warning, leave now or prepare for a month without electricity. 170 are still unaccounted for. a fifth woman is presumed dead. witnesses saw her in the house as a flash flood destroyed and swept it away. jim hooley joining us from the flooding in longmont, colorado,
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how bad is the situation, jim? >> well, thomas as we give you an update on the numbers. 200 people are now missing and unaccounted for. those numbers will probably change over the next 24 hours or so. take a look at this. is the river in longmont, colorado. this river is usually is a trickle, only a couple of inches deep. right now it's a raging river, and the waters have receded over the past 24 hours. over the past 48 hours we've been getting images of the rescues that have been going on up in the foot hills, where people have been trapped. we have 400 highly trained search and rescue personnel on the scene in boulder county. that number is expected to double by the end of the day. this couple lives not too far from here, and they tell us they can't believe the devastation. >> this is incredible. i mean, i live like a block
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over, and this is my backyard. it's incredible. this looks like the mississippi. >> the bridge was knocked out in two spots. i guess it's out of commission for a while. >> yep, we ride our bikes over there, and there is no riding a bike over there any more. >> reporter: no, that bike path that they talk about is right out there. and you're not going to get out there with any bike. the forecasters with heavy rain tonight. >> i know this is an emotional time for so many people. what are you hearing from officials? how long is this flooding likely to go on? >> reporter: well, you know, with the forecast with more rain coming over the next 24 hours it may be an inch or so. it will only swell rivers like this again. the rescue efforts will continue possibly for the next couple of days. possibly for a week or so, possibly for a month.
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they have no idea how many people are trapped up in the foothills. >> are we expecting additional crews to help with the situation? >> reporter: yes, as we mention we have 400 trained search and rescue people, the national guard, fire officials from all over colorado as well. it's literally a situation where they're calling for all hands on deck. again as time goes on and we have a better idea assessing the situation, more people will be needed to help out. >> i know it's early. any estimates on the damage, the amount? >> reporter: we did talk to insurance people yesterday. we've had wildfires, giant snowstorms, those damages are in the millions. easily this time the damages reaching into the billions of dollars. you're right, it is way too early to put a dollar on it. >> those wildfires did not help the situation at all. jim hooley in colorado, thank
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you. jim had mentioned about the weather system moving in. let's talk about that. those dealing wit dealing with . >> meteorologist: we're going to have to deal with the rain here tonight. i think we'll have an additional one to three inches of rain here tonight, but luckily we have westerly winds coming in. we have flash flood warnings across four state across portions of utah, colorado, and down in new mexico where we're looking at the heaviest rainfall. right towards denver and commerce city and aurora, areas that have been devastated, boulder as well. boulder has never seen this much rain in the month of september, and they've had 15 inches of
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rain. take a look at the radar. we have plenty of moisture seeping in out of the south. whenever the westerly winds push in, i think that moisture will be shut off. mostly cloudy skies, and that rain that is pushing out of the south will make its way towards boulder as we track in tonight and really through the day tomorrow. as i said those westerly winds, the drier air will cooldown and we'll see some sunshine. so that will help with the recovery he efforts. thomas, back to you. >> thank you. small hot spots are burning on the new jersey boardwalk. it was devastated by fire this week, and people in seaside park and seaside heights are facing the reality of rebuilding again just after super storm sandy. >> reporter: the community is picking up the pieces.
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new jersey governor chris christie visited the boardwalk, vowing to the community that the state will help rebuild it. >> this is legitimately a sad thing. but we got work to do now, and a couple of days to mourn, now we got to move on and get to work. >> reporter: christie said he'll also ask for federal help. the fire ripped through four blocks destroying dozens of businesses in its path. it ripped open the wound that had just been healing from hurricane sandy. just repairing the boardwalk could cost $1 million. that does not include the businesses it burned. >> my view is we've got pieces of boardwalk to repair. and businesses to rebuild. in the context of what we've been through already, much smaller, and much more containable, and i think much more attainable for us in a relatively short period of time. >> reporter: michelle jackson's restaurant was spared but she's squared the devastation will
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hurt her business. >> it's been a long road since sandy. we've been down a lot, our percentages are definitely down. we're just starting to see things pick up and start looking promising, and i started feeling better about how things were going, and not so that feeling of doom. now this happened, and now all that feeling that we've had before just came back. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to find out what started the fire. al jazeera. >> ahead on al jazeera, concerns about the water supply. >> i don't know if we could drain the pool, fill it back up. the water is okay, but then again, is the water okay? >> a community on alert when a rare brain-eating parasite is found in the water system.
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[♪ music ] >> welcome back. in iraq a suicide-bomber killed at least 23 at a funeral this morning. it happened about 13 miles east of mosul. the attack targeted a a member of the ashrac. >> the uncertainty is putting a strain on her family. after escaping the fighting in her village, she now struggles to feed her children. >> we line up before dawn just for food rations. that's not easy.
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this is how we sleep, on the floor. my kids don't even have blankets. >> reporter: many families here tell the same story. tens of thousands of people have been displaced since fighting began nearly a week ago. many of them are living like this, in tents with barely anything to eat, drink, and no clear idea of when they can go back home. the resources of the philippine government are stretched. it's unable to provide enough assistance to the thousands of people who continue to arrive here every day looking for food, shelter, and medical assistance. fighting between the military and rebels have killed dozens of people. government forces are pursuing the mnlp fight necessary several villages. the rebels are holding several civilians hostage. >> this is not an issue of religion for we have coexisted
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peaceful and harmoniously. this is an issue of people with misguided principles. >> reporter: the mnlf is asking for the implementation of is a 1990 agreement signed with the government. there is also peace talks with islamic fighters who want to declare i itself from the fell beans. the political divide within the central government has caused confusion on the ground. the military is has not retreated, and the fighting has not stopped. for the many people here they say the conflict has little to do with them. all they want is to be able to live in peace. >> in poland, solidarity
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movement thousands jam the streets of warsaw. marchers protest against the polish government labor policies. many carry signs demanding better pay and better jobs. it was four days of demonstration in the capital. one of america's great lakes, lake erie, i. >> lake erie is choking an expanding forest. >> it is out of control. and very little is being done. it's toxic to most animals in large concentration. so fish will avoid it. it's a gooey green slime without much benefit to the natural system. and so it decays, etc.
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it is totally disgusting. >> fertilizer from north ameri america's richest farmland washed into the rivers by spring rains has overfed the algae. each summer if blooms, sucking up oxygen, killing fish, it is growing and growing worse. >> even on the beaches you see it rolling over, and it's a foot deep of algae. you never saw that before. you see a layer on top. now it's getting chicker and chicker, and more sea weed-like. >> this is the best vantage point to see the problem. and with heavy spring a rains biologieses say this year is the second worse year. >> with farms growing more productive researchers who test the water say the problem has
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grown worse, and solutions more elusive. >> i don't think you'll get rid of it 100% completely. we do have a lot of run off. >> lake erie was threatened before in the 19 60 60s,, but ts time there is no obvious solution, bit by bit the green strangles the lake that calls it it's home. >> michael eaves joining us now with sports and a big fight in vegas. >> reporter: yes, could be a huge fight for the sport because it could set a new record tonight where floyd mayweather
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jr. means alvarez at the mgm in vegas. mayweather who has long been considered the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world could walk away with more than $40 million, and now to college football, oklahoma state president said the school will conduct it's own investigation into possible rules violations that the football program was alleged in a series of reports by sports illustration that include cash payments to players and academic fraud. jim furyk leads the bmw championship by three strokes. next week's tour championship will determine the winner of this year's fedex cup and the $10 million purse that goes with it. that's a look at your sports headlines. we'll have a look at college football games in 20 minutes.
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>> not a bad paycheck. michael, thank you. on the medical front circumcision was once considered a routine procedure. over the years the procedure has become controversial. new statistics show the number of circumstances has dropped as much as 10% nationwide and nearly 25% on the west coast. tracy grant has more from vann. >> score field has become the leader in the fight against circumcision. he collected enough signatures to ba put the ban on the ballot. >> the medical profession is do no harm. this is a harmful procedure. >> a judge decided to strike
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schofield ban. the governor signed a local bill preventing the ban. >> we have biased religious leaders, otherwise this would have been successful. >> reporter: surgical removal of foreskin off the penis of the baby, some call it mutilation. >> i don't see any medical purpose for it, and i watched a dvd and read a little bit about it, and decided, look, there is no need to do that. it's an older tradition. >> most recent statistics show over the last 30 years circumcisions have decreased
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nationwide by six percentage points. medical staff asked if he wanted to have him circumcised. >> i don't think--it has not been on our radar, so when credit it had i almost didn't know the words. then we didn't do it. we didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: ththe american academy of pediatrics say circumsix lowers the risk of urinary track infections and other diseases. >> it's not something that we're mandating for all male boys. >> reporter: her muslim faith and cleanliness played a role with her going through on the decision. >> i don't understand the controversy, it's not going to
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damage him as a male. >> reporter: this is an interactive decision between doctors and patients. more and more insurance companies are also stating they won't cover them unless it's a medical necessity, which could also be contributing to the decrease in the procedures. tracy grant, al jazeera, san francisco. >> the mexico, government moves in after a month long fight by teachers demanding educational reform.
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there's more to financial news
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>> welcome back. here is a recap 6 our top stories on al jazeera. thousands are stranded by floodwaters in colorado. 170 people are unaccounted for. four are confirmed dead. more heavy rain is forecasted for today. stronger than the storms, stronger than the fire. governor chris christie is again vow to go rebuild the jersey shore. this time after a fire tore through the boardwalk of seaside
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shores and seaside heights. president obama said he welcomed the progress, non-compliance could lead to u.s. sanctions against syria, but a military strike seems to be off the table for now. we'll have more on that story coming up in just a moment. more than a year of a the costa concordia cruise ship capsized a team of salvage engineers is attempt to go up right it. it weighs more than 500,000 tons. it will take a team five hours to up right it and tow it away. it's costing $800 million, 32 people died in the accident. president obama is scheduled to address the nation in the rose garden on monday. he's speaking to park the fifth anniversary of the global financial crisis. he'll discuss his booths to the economy, adding jobs and helping
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people join the middle class. energy incomes city the government has put an end to a strike against education reform. >> the beginning of the end of a month long protest. thousands clear the plaza on friday. their move was steady, quick, and efficient. in the lead up to the confrontation many with makeshift weapons say they will stand their ground. >> we will not let them take the plaza away from us. it is ours. it belongs to the people. >> but the police had give the teachers an ultimatum. leave peacefully or be removed by force. >> we spoke to one of the most leaders before the police swept in. we're in civil disobedience because the laws were imposed,
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unjust laws that don't take into account teachers and parents the. >> the clock wathe government pd celebration was take place. teachers from four southern states descended on the capitol to block teacher reforms. when the law was finally enacted it promised to have it repealed. they were particularly opposed to teacher evaluations, a first step to school privatization. the push didn't end. >> after being pushed out of the main plaza, hundreds of teachers spread across the city center. >> despite the weeks of protest
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the police have been hesitant to use force to dislarge the teachers. mexico has a history of massacres from protests from the 1960s and '07s. it could be a win-win for teachers and government. the teachers can say they didn't back down and the the government can show restraint. adam rainy, al jazeera america, mexico city. >> more now on a top story. secretary of state john kerry supplied a framework of how syria must turn over its stock pile within a week good to have you with us. >> thank you, good to be here. >> first, what do you think of this agreement?
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>> i think we've followed through. we focused on chemical weapons, avoided military strikes in favor of getting them. i think we need to follow through. that's the next step. my worry is that it doesn't do anything else and we're still lacking in strategy of assad remaining in power and the killing of thousands and thousands of people. >> do you feel this is buying time? >> this is certainly buying time for the assad regime. we talked about how assad needed to go in some way, now he's become a legitimate partner as part of this process of collecting and removing weapons. i think it's been a good boost for assad, and while implemen implementing this agreement, they'll buy pore time and push off any action. >> the arsenal to be secured and
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destroyed by the middle of 2014, is that a reasonable timeline? >> well, i think it could be done faster if there is was not a war going on and pull cooperation from assad. having i said this, this is a vehicle of preserving assad in power, preventing any military action, and russia and syria working together to that end. i think they have an incentive to drag this out, and i would expect it to take until at least summer next year. >> you're right, war is going on and weapons inspectors are expected to be there in the middle of november. that's a major problem in a war zone. >> it will be, and i'm sure the assad regime will take advantage of that in order to claim the difficulties involved. >> this entire agreement falls apart, what's next? we talked about u.s. sanctions against the assad regime.
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>> i don't think that there is going to be going back to the u.n. the u.s. administration made it clear if there was a collapse of this agreement it reserved the right to use force. i don't think no one believes that is a likely scenario at this point. taddressing the chemical weapons rather than the brutal killing of thousands in the population, we're stuck where the only problem we're trying to solve is chemical weapons, and a military strike would not have been effective to begin with, now we're completely without any strategy to deal with syria and help the syrian people. >> what does this mean for the syrian people? >> i think they're quite concerned and feeling quite left out. in all of this discussion that has gone on in the last week,
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the pulling of the issue, now the syrian people are being left out of this. the syrian opposition is really being left out of this. they're the ones continuing to suffer under the assad regime, and they now see the international pressure on assad. we appreciate your time. in the gloom of greece's economic woe brighter spots are starting to emerge. one of them is massive investment in athens. now making greece a gateway between europe and china, but not everyone is happy about it. >> these are the largest harbor cranes in the world. they're capable of loading on
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ships so large that that they have not been built yet o. off loading saves a week sailing to the ports of northern europe and $2 million per trip, costco is banking on that advantage. it's construct agnew pier that will double its capacity to as much 300 per year. now costco may be broadening its presence in greece. >> the government is privatizing the port authority which manages europe's largest passenger port, but it's all in need of investment. >> what we're trying to do, not
4:38 pm
only to get the higher bidder to take control of the port, but also who is going to invest more? through this private indication we would like to attract investors. >> costco is preparing a bid, and were it to win that, would create a monopoly, but it's against the idea of selling infrastructure to pay off the debt. >> the sector is very small, that's why they were forced to including parks and airports and other activities for economic activities in grease. >> costco has committed to sending over $5 billion, and to spend another $5 billion for a champion port is within its power. many greeks are unlikely to say
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no to that. >> a parasite that has already killed a young boy now threatens a louisiana community. more in the discovery up next. and the biggest game of the college football season is underway. we'll have an update of alabam alabama-texas a&m after the break.
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[[voiceover]] no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives.
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opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. >> south louisiana is on alert after federal health officials announce the discovery of a rare brain-eating amoeba in the water supply. we have more from st. bernard parish, louisiana. >> hey, shane, let's concentration right here on this little area. is this good for you.
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>> jeff had been sprucing up the yard for weeks after all he's expecting the whole family. >> sunday we're having a big block here for my dad. we're going to have 50 people here in the swimming pool. >> but he and his wife may have to pull the plug on that plan. >> i have nieces and nephews and grandkids, i don't know if i want them to go swimming. >> the st. bernard parish water supply tested positive for a rare brain-eating amoeba. a little boy died after playing on a slippy slide. >> it's a burn, the increase of chlorine administered in the system and decrease of the ammonia which allows more of a disinfectant. >> reporter: ththe amoeba, commonly called the brain-eating
4:43 pm
amoeba is normally found in warm bodies of water. it can't be contracted by just drinking water. >> it has to go through the nose into the brain. it causes inflammation, fever, headaches, stiff neck. >> reporter: federal health officials say these infections are very rare. there have been 170 in the u.s. since the 1960s. the biggest concern is almost every one resulted in death. they're urging people to avoid getting water in their nose. >> i would at this time take precautions. i would not allow unsupervised use of sprinklers, hoses, slip and sides. >> for jeff and terry, it's just another set back. >> we get hit by karina, and the oil spills, and now amoeba.
4:44 pm
>> i don't know about swimming. i don't know if we should say the drain the pool, fill it back up. is the water okay? >> if i have no doubt about this water being safe? no, no one will go in. >> for now they will avoid the water until they have assurance that the amoeba is out. >> i know you have a lot of questions here to talk about this parasite, we have assistant previews at tulane university. he's joining us live in chicago. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, good to be here. >> is this something we don't know how it got in the water supply. >> this is a tragedy. this is a parents' worst nightmare. water is supposed to be safe. there is no way to know how it got in the water supply, but let's be clear, there are not a lot of provinces around the united states that test for this amoeba in the water supply.
4:45 pm
usually someone has to get this amoeba, and then they test the water supply in that had province. >> why is i does it have to be ingested through the nose and not the mouth. >> the stomach acid kills the amoeba. but when it goes directly up into the brain, it causes inself encephalitis. it has to be put directly in the nose with a high pressure situation. that's why when you get this disease, when people are having a lot of water rushed into their nose very quick amount of time. >> this has possible concerning for people who use nett ipods and those who suffer from
4:46 pm
congestion. >> absolutely. we had a case in louisiana where someone died after using a nettie pod because you're squirting the liquid directly in your nose. that's the same force of when you're jumping off a boat wake boarding or waterskiing, the pressure of water going in the nose quickly. i think it's a great idead to use the nettie pot, but you have to use sterilized purified water. >> how long for symptoms to show up. >> it varies from two days to 15 days but on average, seven days. you get headache, and then one of the interesting things that you have a loss or a derangement of your smell and your taste. because a lot of these symptoms like the headache, vomiting, fever, that could be any
4:47 pm
disease. that's almost the same as the flu. but the smell and taste derangement is really what separates this from some others when you're talking about the symptomatology. >> how do you treat it since the cases have been deadly. >> you really can't treat it. by the time it's been diagnosed it's too late. there is a young lady in arkansas who survived this, and let's frame this whole thing here. really, about 130 people have died in the united states since 1937. let's frame it with the flu. 30,000 people every year die from the flu in the united states. not to take away from a child's death, but let's frame this. in reality, there is really no way to treat it. and in the case in arkansas they used a breast cancer treatment drug as an experimental treatment to treat this thing, and it worked. we don't know if it worked so wall because some people
4:48 pm
actually have lived and they didn't get the breast cancer treatment drug, and this was a while back. there is no rhyme or reason of how to treat this. >> any concerns out there? >> i want people to realize this has always been around. it's not anything new. but when you start thinking about stagnant water, stagnant ponds and lakes, you really should use a nose clip. that risk has always been there, and it's not going anywhere. when this is off the news you'll still have that same risk for infection. wear a nose clip. trust me on this. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you very much for having me. >> michael eaves joining us now with sports, and today could be the college football game of the year, my friend. >> yes, definitely been the most hyped game, let's see if it lives u up to the expectations.
4:49 pm
texas a&m's win ove in tuscalooa became the game of 2012. now this year the game moves to texas with the crimson tide again ranked number one, but the aggies coming in at number sixth. it was the aggies who jumped up to the early leads scoring on the first series of the game when johnny manziel hooked up with cameron for the catch. manziel with 240 yards in the first half. alabama would add another score on the first play of the second quarter when mccarron hits deann drew white on the flee
4:50 pm
flicker, and it was driving but alabama picked them off the end zone, and right now alabama leads it, 21-14. in lincoln, nebraska, the 23rd rank corn husker against ucla. nebraska seemed in control early, but only to see the bruins come storming back, going 35 unanswered points in 16 minutes. ucla quarterback threw for three touchdowns. james russiad for a score. ucla, 41-21. the 18-point deficit was the biggest deficit overcome by a nebraska opponent in lincoln since at least 1996. after potentially damaging allegations by sports illustrator earlier this week that the oklahoma state football program committed several rules
4:51 pm
violations, the school announced it would conduct it's own investigation with the ncaa. allegations of cash payments to players, academic misconduct, drug violations and in addition to some of the schools recruiting hostesses having sex with prospects from 2001 to 2010. former coach and current coach have denied any involvement in these alleged violations. now to boxing and the showdown between floyd mayweather jr. and alvarez will get under way, and when these two fighters step out of the ring, one will have his very first loss. this will have record pay-per-view and record paymen payments. >> reporter: meet the champion,
4:52 pm
floyd mayweather jr. at 36 he's widely considered the best boxer in his era. to say that mayweather has dominated boxing would be an understatement as he comes into the fight with a 44-0 record. flashy, outspoken and never one to shy away from the cameras mayweather knows how to drum up hype for a fight. >> being someone going down as an alleged, as an icon, that's motivates floyd mayweather. >> it's current middle way champ with a record of 42-0. he may be the toughest opponent that mayweather has seen in years. >> i'm not coming to make a good fight. i'm coming to win. >> another person who is certain of his victory is former five-time boxing champ oscar de
4:53 pm
la hoya, who is his promoter. day la jolla has his own history with mayweather, so it's no surprise he's mentoring the underdog. >> many people believe he's going to win. that's the difference with every other fight i've been involved in. when we fought guerrero and a lot of his opponents, they didn't believe they were going to win. people leave that he's going to win. >> do you believe he's going to win. >> i know he's going to win. >> he grew up in a small town outside of gall gall la lahar are a, and all of his six brothers went on to box in the pros. but he went on to become mexico's pride and joy. >> he's kind of like chavez sr. in his prime, you know, people, the world loves him over because he was such a devastating
4:54 pm
puncher, serious when it came to his training, his craft, but a likable human being outside of the ring. that's the type of person he is. >> i've always said i never fought at my potential at 100%. my rivals have not been able to bring it out of me. i think that floyd will bring it out of me and i'll fight to my full potential and you'll see that saturday night. >> others see canelo as being too young and too inexperienced. >> i might be young, i have a lot of experience, and i'm ready for this. that's the reason why i asked for the fight. that's why i was looking for the fight. i'm ready. >> i'm won individual can make adjustments. it's about making adjustments. i've been here before, so i know what it takes to win a fight of this magnitude.
4:55 pm
>> and update the scores from the pga tour bmw championship part of fedex cup playoff, jim furyk currently leads in the third round by two strokes over steve stricker and three strokes over brandt snedeker, tiger woods 18 under par he has some ground to make up. >> it will be a good fight. >> and $75 to get hd at home. >> i'll make payments on that one. >> japan has launched a new rocket that could brung down the cost to put satellites into orbit. >> the epsilon lifted off after a two-week delay. the rocket cost about $37 million to develop. that's relatively cheap by space travel standards. the rocket is carrying an orbiting telescope that will
4:56 pm
observe other planets in our solar system. flooding in colorado and in new mexico. weather coming up next. with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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>> meteorologist: we continue to see devastating flooding across portions of colorado. now that rain is spreading into utah and new mexico. we have flash flood warnings in effect lining i-25 from albuquerque, really all the way towards denver, commerce city, aurora, looking at heavy rain. we can see additional one to three inches. we're looking at mostly cloudy overcast skies. as we track on into tonight that moisture pushing in the south will mike its way through boulder. an additional one to three inches of rain is expected. fortunately monday and tuesday we'll see a break of all the rain. we're going to have heavy rain all because of tropical storm ingrid. i expect that will be a
4:59 pm
hurricane before monday morning. in tampico, flooded roadways and made travel impossible. we've been talking a lot about colorado the last couple of days. but in mexico we could see anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of rain into tampico, up to two feet of rain locally in areas. so we would like to use precaution and be alert because of this storm. elsewhere while we're enjoying a beautiful day across portions of the midwest into the northeast, i'm telling you, this is the weather that is absolutely gorgeous. right now in the northeast temperatures are in the 60s and the 70s. philadelphia back into new york city, our nation's capitol a little warmer at 71 degrees. please stay with al jazeera. we have more news and weather coming up at the top of the hour. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. make sure you get out there and enjoy it in the northeast.
5:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera. here are the headlines at this hour. john kerry and russian foreign minister sevgey lavrov agreed syria will give up it's chemical weapons. the u.s. has still not ruled out a military strike. john mccain and lindsey graham came out against the deal calling it a, quote, diplomatic blind alley. more rain is expected today in the already rated boulder county. the death toll is at four


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