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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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al ahead, wash out in the united states. the worst flooding in decades. salvage workers get ready to raise the costa concordia, in an operation costing at least half a billion dollars. >> plus?
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out of control is killing fish and tourish. >> but first, it's just 24 hours after the united states and russia have made a deal to bring syria's chemical weapons under international control and then destroy them. john kerry's goal is to sell the idea to the rest of the world. two country has major concerned about the fighting across the border, also a country suspected of having chemical weapons of his own, which hasn't rad fied the global treaty banning their use. we will be life in jerusalem in a moment, syria must submit a formal list of its stocks and locations within a week. must be allowed to begin their work we november,
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the goal is to have eliminated all of syria's chemical weapons by the middle of next year. simon mcgregor wood is in jerusalem. the first stop, jerusalem for mr. kerry, why jerusalem fist? >> they are spoken hands. and according to the news agencies which we will have to confirmed, that he said that he lucked the russian american deal as long as every last chemical weapon inside of syria is destroyed. i think that's what we will more of after their talks. muted welcome, i think, because you will remember in the initial phase of this crisis, they were enthusiastic about president obama's plan to
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go after the syrians. they offered help to get the vote through congress, and then immediately there's been some hesitation. i think they felt that this was an opportunity to send a message to iran, that u.s. credibility was on the line. israel's obsession, of course, is with iran's nuclear program, and that if obama blinked on the syrian issue, would he also blink on the iranian one. also something closer to home, and that concerned israel a's own chemical weapons. there's a lot of talk here about the stock pile. they did sign the chemical weapons convention, but never ratified it. and the russians and syrians making a lot of noise well, if the syrians are going to come home, maybe it is dive for israel to do that as well. some may be nervous that they have a problem in that direction. >> we heard simon about the effect the war in syria is having in lebanon.
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and also turkey, what impact has it had in israel? >> well, certainly, not the refugee crisis, you could call it that syria's other neighbors lebanon, jordan, and turkey have had to endure. there's been no green light, at least that the israelis have given syrian refugees to come in this direction towards the occupied heights. i think as a political level th at for some, bettr the devil you know. one interesting development that has come to light is this motion that the israelis have opened their doors. quite how we are not sure, to at least 200 wounded people from syria. and a few days ago we went up to hospital in the north of syria where although there may be political p. r. the doctors we met with were clearly doing their work simply as doctors.
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>> the army brings them to a hospital 40-kilometers from syrian territory. but 96 syrians have been treated here in the northern israeli city this year. the army won't say how or where their journey starts. in recentn't mos many children have been brought here, this boy is 15. we cannot show his face, one day he may return to syria. he has a head wound and shrapnel to the stomach. he is not fully conscious, they don't even know his name. his pain is obvious. >> some people say why we have to do it, okay, a few people can say something like this. when you see these kids and these people are innocent e they are injured, it doesn't make any sense where they come from. >> some are of a nighting age, but no questions are asked.
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this man came from bullet wounds. his kay is touch and go. >> the doctors here will admit this is a very unusual situation, they don't know how their patients get here, they don't know where they come from, and after weeks and months of intensive medical treatment, they have no idea where they go to next. >> some surians are shocked to learn they are in israel, but they are happen by to receive the treatment. how are they treating you asked this officer? >> good. >> said this man, nothing could be better. >> this note is from an unknownserrian doctor he will probably never meet. many patients will need years of treatment, doctors have safed this girl's leg, but she will need more surgeries. they don't know if she will get them when she leafs. there is no talk of allowing her to stay, this hospital has spent
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$1.5 millions from its own budget, staff donate everything from toothbrushes to clothes. and when their patients are well enough, the israeli army takes them, they won't tell us where. a brief stay, when all that mattered was making them better ends and an uncertain future begins. >> of course, the whole focus of mr. kerry's visit to jerusalem will be on syria. but on the periphery of that, will he also prod the israelis about the peace process? >> yes. the state department who issued the travel iten ray for secretary of state said that would be on the agenda. i think you are right, the israelis will want to talk more about syria and its chemical weapons, but the secretary of state has spent a lot of its own political power getting people around the take. they have done so, the palestinians have been
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leaking in recent weeks that things have not been going well. two israeli that they are unhappy with the palestinian leaks. it may be that there are problems it may be that john kerry has to bang heads together, but it isn't cheer how much time he will get to talk on the peace process, although it means a lot to him. >> thank you, simon. china has lucked the u.s. and russian plan. the chinese foreign minister and hid french counter part. france also supports the dole. >> we still remember that several days ago the syrian government was still denying that they owned chemical weapons. and that they used them. so now we have reach add more positive stage, so we can focus on finding a political solution to a series of problems. >> johnny welcomes the frame work treatment reached between the 6 and
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geneva. we believe it will ease the current tense situation that may be triggered at any moment, and creates new prospects for resolving it through peaceful means. >> 27 miners in afghanistan have died after a mine collapsed. shane ferguson reports from there. >> the incident which happened late on saturday afternoon happened in lieu we adub. that's about 200 to 250-kilometers north of the capitol of kabul. it's believe that a small quell mine collapsed on the miners themselves, and those that were injured are villagers that came from local areas to go in and try to help those who were trapped. they would have likely had extremely rudementry tools to do so.
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now that's quite common here in afghanistan, such incidents do happen, despite the fact that the country has a huge potential for mineral mining here. some figures put $1 trillion on the mineral wealth below the ground in afghanistan. be uh the industry itself is still rudimentary. it is not being developed properly because of the huge challenges that it has faced. jeffing froeverything fromy to corruption. even some of the most prorisk mining companies have backed at really investing and really pucking forward with the mining industry. as a result, a lot of that wealth and a lot of that development has not been realized at this point, and as such, a lot of the mines are very small, some of them are illegally mined and most of them have very very poor safety standards. there very been reports of explosions south of the egyptian border.
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the military conducted air strikes for the past few weeks against what it calls terrorist hot beds. thousands of cambodians have ignored a threat of imprisonment. the opposition says there was widespread fraud, and is calling for anish kawairy. 68 votes to the oppositions 55. two people have been killed in attacks in rwanda's attack. one grenade exploded at a busy marketplace. killing one person and wounding 14, another grenade was decimated in the same area. the attacks happened just. >> parliamentary elections are due tomorrow. in the capitol k actiongali the interesting thing is it makes it look like they
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are politically coordinated, the targets themselves are not political. we don't know what effect the attacks were intended to have. if they were political, it doesn't seem as though they were intended to have any specific impact on the conduct of the polls. in fact, over the past weeks of this campaign, it has been remarkably peaceful. i have been struck by just how cam the elections have been. we from at the closing election rallies yesterday, and it was surprising how calm the crowd seemed to be, but al the lack of any obvious security. so it does look as though that holds through, we will cereal tiffly peaceful elections form. >> still to come. >> where philippine government forces continue to battle it out with more national liberation front fighters. >> plus, we track somalia after a devastated famine
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and find out if the money has gone to those that need it most.
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welcome back. after the u.s. and russian deal on syria, secretary of state john kerry is setting out to make his case to the middle east. he is in israel and will go from there to europe and paris. lucked a deal, an official reaction to the agreement from syrian president bashar al-asaad. 27 afghan miners have died after a mine
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collapse northwest of the capitol kabul. a final preparations are being made to raise the wrecked costa concordia cruise ship. the complex operation is due to start on monday morning. it is costing at least half a billion dollars. 32 people died when it ran aground last year. our reporter has the latest. >> well, the salvage experts say it has to work, they only have one chance at doing this, and once they start that operation that 12 hour operation, they can't stop it. now the problem is this ship has been rusting here in the waters for the last 20 months, and so all that tension on the hull could cause ill it to break up. remember all the the fuel was removed but there's still over 100 tons of food onboard. enough to feed 4,000 passengers for a week, it is now all rotten if it hasn't been eaten by the fish. that could leak out which
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would be an environmental disaster for this holiday destination. but the crews say they are putting in measures to prevent that, and their priority is to recover the two body that are still missing. hopefully this could bring answers finally the loved ones. >> operation is underway in colorado because of severe flooding which has killed five people, and hundreds more are missing. hundreds have been forced out of their home. some of the waters are subsiding, more rain though is forecast, al jazeera's reporting one of the worst effected areas. >> rescue efforts are in full force, local state and federal agencies have been coordinating intense fied efforts to safe people who have been trapped for days. the roads are not just blocked, but gone. >> the people dialing 9-1-1, we have people
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calling for help, we have entire communities we can't reach, very very frustrating situation for our first responders and all of our staff. >> bowler municipal airport has become the command center for air rescues. this' been a steady flow of military aircraft coming in and out, much of the efforts are focusing on rescues stranded residents in some of the more isolated communities and interceptioning for those still unaccounted for. a team of at least 400 has assembled here to carry out search and rescue, about a dozen black hawk helicopters are taken to the sky. >> the bottom line, is process works we get a call, we go out, and get them with our aircraft, and our resources here. >> in some of the areas hit the hardest, there is no electricity and no cell phone service. whole mountain communities have been cut off by rushing water. >> within an hour houghses were crumbled
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off of the mountain side. and people's entire lives everything that they owned just fell off of a mountain into a river, and down. >> other whose escaped with the help of rescue workers are hoping double reunited with family members. >> our family and friends have been worried six, so i just want to give them the biggest hug in the world, it makes me realize how fragile life can be. you never know if you are given a tomorrow. >> and more rain is coming forecasts indicate at least another day of rainfall that can limit these critical areas. officials say it could be days before the rescue operations are completed and months before people can return to rebuild. al jazeera, boulder, colorado. >> troops are reportedly closing in on rebel positions in an attempt to end a week off long stand off. national liberation front is still holding a number of hostages.
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>> the latest from zambogoa city. >> there seems to be no sign that the clashes between the philippine government, and the liberation front fighters will be resolved. here on the ground, more and more human rights services are questioning whether the military is in fact in control of the situation. seven days since fighting began. the number of hostages up to now is still undetermed and so too are the number of mls fighters still believed to be holed up in several villages here. the philippine government now puts the number of evacuees at 70,000. that is 10% of the city's population. now they are demanding that the philippine government implement the 1996 agreement it signed with its founder. it is opposing on going peace talks with another break away group the liberation front, saying those people are not inclusive, and does not
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represent the needs of the people here in southern philippines. >> a series of attacks in iraq, have killed at least 28 people. south of baghdad where two car bombs went off near a market. four were killed in the city of cab ball la. and the blast happened in kut, 100-kilometers south. >> as the u. n. tries to raise billions of dollars in aid, we have been looking at how international donations have been spent in past crisis. the famine in small la killed more than a quarter of a million people. a look now at how money raised for that was spent. >> two years after the end of somalia's war, there's no let up in the stream of hungry people.
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she ned from her town, 700-kilometers west. >> i came here in search of food. we have no life stock, no new jersey to grow our own food, like many of our neighbors we are forced to flee. >> they are joining camps already overflowing with more displaced by the 2011 famine. according to u. n., they say they are not receiving help. >> we have not seen any agents come in here to assist us here. when you go to the u.n. offices they tell us that we live in a shabab territory and they fear coming to our states. >> it is also the scene of one of the worst humanitarian crisis and
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efforts to get help to those who need it most, remain haunted by violence. >> in a statement the support of the flow into somalia helps millions. the total funds for the humanitarian reached $868 million in 2011. while almost another $400 million were raised outside. officials, however, doubt whether all of the funds have been put to proper use. >> from my experience, not all the funds raised for this country are used for their proper uses. >> corruption in the delivery of said is not a new thing. >> somalia and foreigners tolerate or. >> crisis in order to benefit from foreign aid. aid agencies spoke of
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gate keepers, vulnerable populations were essentially kept hostage by people and organizationed who were taking a cut of the assistance that they received. >> in it eslatest analysis of the humanitarian situation, the u. n. say 800 million remain in starvation, while 2.3 million require assistance. >> the government has declare add state of emergency in parts of the southern indian region. mariana sanchez reports. >> santos is waiting for a change in the weather, it has been so cold more than a meter of snow has fallen on the mountains. like him, many have lost a large part of their al pack caflocks a local
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animal domesticated thousands of years ago. 20 degrees below zero is killing them off, especially the little ones. >> many have died. ten of mine died. sheep too, and al pack cas are aborting because of the cold. civil defense authorities have asked people to come down from the hills and ask for cover. but many stays behind. authorities are delivering blankets and packed food to 1500 families in this region, people are desperate for help, but they are more worried for their animals. the sacks of oat they brought are not enough. >> i have been given a small sack, that is nothing. our animals haven't eaten for days. >> the government has declared 60 days of state of emergency in several districts.
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but the help is not reaching everyone. it is hard for us to get help to every family. more than fow thousand have been effected. >> the cold spell has also effected the homes of people living more than 3500 meters above sea level. the region has suffered over $1 million in damages. santos says people are safer because they can stay warm, but the animals have to live and eat out in the cold. and they are still in danger. >> the mexican government has defended its decision to use force to break up a demonstration by striking teachers. hundreds of riot police youd tier gas so clear the streets. the teachers want changes to recently introduced laws. the streets needed to be emptied to allow independence day celebrations to go ahead.
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>> it was necessary that the square was cleared out, given the teachers the alternative to move to other places in the city while this happened. this didn't happen, so today we made them understand in order for dialog to take place, the rights of people to celebrate independence day must not be othershadowed. >> the overuse of fertilizers is having a disastrous effect on one of america's great lakes. lake erie is choking in expanding underwater forest of toxic algae is suffocating the fourth laster great lake. >> it is out of control, and very little is being done. it is toxic to most animals in large conservations so fish, will try to avoided it, so it is just like a gooey green slime. without much benefit to the natural system.
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anit is totally disgusting. >> fertilizer from north america's richest farmland washed into the water by spring rains has overfed the algae. each summer it blooms, sucking up precious oxygen, closing beaches, reducing fish, and a $10 billion a year tou tourism industry. it is growing and growing worse. >> everybody on the beaches you will see it rolls over, and it is just foot deep of algae. i have never seen that before. you can see a little layer on top, now it is thicker and thicker, and more seaweed like. >> this is the best vantage point to get a look at the problem, and from 1500 feet, you can see two years ago it covered 16th of lake erie. >> farmers have worked to reduce run off, but with farms growing more
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productive, researcher whose test the water say the problem has grown worst, and solutions more illusive. >> i don't think you will get rid of it 100%. i think that we do have an off the lot of run off. >> eerie was threatened one before in the 1960s when debris, industrial waste, and sewage had it named the america dead sea. now legendary multibillion dollars u.s. canadian clean up project saved the lake. this time, biologists say there is no obvious solution. bit by bit, a growing expanse of green strangles the lake. lakezeera, eye over lake erie. >> floyd may weather has just proved he is the best pound for pound boxner the world. he brushed aside the mexican challenger in 12 rounds in las vegas. it was may weather's
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45th consecutive win. the match was the most luke rah tiff pay-per-view show in the history. it netted as you can see there, $41.5 million. and there's the website, that president obama talking about the syrian deal.


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